Ideal foot pressure distribution for pumping?

Our regular prone spot is a beach break that requires immediate pumping to gain speed and angle for hopping over white water, and of course more pumping. Because of this what technique(forward projection) I have often doesn’t have time to kick in, and I generally pump out while slowing down and eventually stop before I can blame it on fitness.

The other day though, I experimented with popping up farther forward, so I naturally was pressing down or weighing my back foot, and when I pumped I was building and maintaining speed much easier than before. Like before my pump was alternating btwn up and neutral, and now it’s up and down/forward. Trying other people’s setups I find everyone has more front foot pressure, so I assume they really lean forward to pump, and their back heel comes up more readily. While I have felt comfortable being more balanced.

I’ve seen plenty talk about back foot forward, or feet closer, for pumping, but I’ve not seen much discussion on the relationship btwn stance balance and technique. Any thoughts? Btw I recently switched from K1 to K2 but I think the physics are similar.

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It’s pretty equal for me now. Keeping speed is more about board angle and projecting forward. If you’re pumping with a high angle of attack, you’re working way harder than you need to, most folks start out this way. Try to keep the board flat or angled down whenever you’re pushing. And think about jumping forward, the board will come with you.


Yes, I think being forward might be a cheat for making it easier to keep the board flat or down on the jump, but I guess the underlying question is: Is it a cheat that may prevent me from properly learning to pump(to jump forward, which I never remember to do unless I’m letting go of a rope on a lake) from a balanced or front foot stance, one that is favorable for the actual wave riding? My guess is probably.

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This is from a while ago, and I’ve since improved my pop up by stretching my hips a lot, and am often much better at extending my body on each jump, but you can see what technique I had kick in once I could think. The trick is getting rid of that delay.