Coco Beach frothers?

Will be in Coco Beach area in Sept and wondered if anyone there had a sup foil board and paddle they would lend or rent out? Maybe get lucky and be able to share a DW send or get some rollers to play in!!!
I should be able to get my foils there without much problem.
Thanks :+1:t4::ocean::call_me_hand:t4:

I’ll let someone else chime in about a sup, but there’s about 30 prone foilers in our group. Typically a few of us are out riding somewhere every day

Thanks for hitting back. You guys are so lucky to have that crew!!!
I can get my small wing board down there if I have too but I can’t prone and wouldn’t get as much out of the time as on a sup. Would be just as great a time paddling out and hangin out and watching with you guys rip.


One last shot, If anyone has a wing, sup or prone foil board they would rent out please shoot me a line. Flight doesn’t take surf bags so can not get a board down there.

Reach out to the Good Breeze shop. They might rent you a demo board or something. Big inventory. Jon there is super nice and very accommodating.


If there’s nothing going on and you are there with family, I think Good Breeze does eFoil stuff as well… lessons. Best way to hook the whole family / get the family to understand your addiction.

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Finally no wetsuit ah!!!
Have a great trip!

Thanks for the Good Breeze hook up guys. Had a great talk with Jon.
Now we will see if the conditions line up. If not that fam jam on the efoil could be a good time. Kids have been wanting to learn.

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Jon is a great dude!

Family eFoil sesh would be worth it. When the wife sees the kids enjoying it, she’s stoked, and the kids are stoked. Plus, the kids “get” foiling, and dad is now extra cool with the kids. And then the wife doesn’t mind as much when you NEED a new foil. Worth it all around.

Another tip… book it as early as you can comfortably get everybody going. It’s so much nicer to teach when it’s glassy, which is the morning. And it’s nicer to wait around for your turn when the sun isn’t baking yet, which is the morning.

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