Foiling Kona HI

Hi, I’m off to Kona in Spring for a trip with the extended fam. I know Kona is not the foiling Mecca that Maui is, but I wondered if there are any areas to wing or even dock start onto swell? I haven’t proned yet, but will probably be desperate enough to get my ass kicked trying it if there are no wind options. Any beta is much appreciated.

Hilo bay is good spot for foiling on the other side of the island. They have a good crew of guys out there.

Thx Nick, I’ll be staying around Kailua, so will plan to make the trip over. What is the Hilo Bay crew mostly doing? I came to foiling with kites years ago but have since switched to winging and dock starting. I’m frothing to start down winding but need to sort out the right place to learn. I have a pretty limited surfing background so see probing as my last option, but stoked to give it a try if that is my best bet.

Ha! *proning. Getting killed by auto correct.

Your best bet for wing foiling are Kiholo bay, Anaeho’omalu bay, maybe Hapuna and Mauna Kea beach. Or perhaps from Puako boat ramp. From 30 to 45 min drive north from Kailua Kona. Trades blow off shore, then if thermals kick in, mostly on shore to side on shore. Be prepared for light wind, if you are very lucky it might be 4M weather :woman_shrugging:t4:. As far as Kailua Kona town, if enough wind, easiest is from the pier by the King Kamehameha beach hotel. There are other places on Ali’i drive you can launch from, but lots rocks. Drive around and check it out.
As far as proning, Kahalu’u bay when there is 0.5 ft tide minimum can be fun. Also Honokohau harbor but better to go there with someone. If you are fortunate enough and there is a NW or WNW swell big enough, a couple other places can open up to prone. Tides are a big factor here. Hope this helps

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Big thx for all the info! I’ll definitely get a look at these locations. Much appreciated!

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