Mid length prone board sizing

Just to chime in on mid length volume I would say try and keep the volume as low as possible. Mine is around 40l (I’m 80kg) and it means you can duck dive it pretty easily and it isn’t too thick so you lose that direct feel with the foil. Just to re-iterate what guys above have said the benefit is coming more from the shape than the volume.


I’m fully on board with this low-volume mid-length idea the Kruzer is especially after re-reading some of @jimmymal comments again. This is going to be the next hype cycle for the prone-focused and I think its a design that will stick around. We’re basically circling back to surfboards now lol. I don’t even care to be able to wing it, prone is so much more fun.

The thought of being able to drop into 5X more waves, go at higher tides (less surfers out) and chase higher and larger take-offs by just adding another foot of length to get in early yet not going up to 50L and 4" thickness sounds like a dream. It would be cool to start seeing prone foilers drop in on larger waves that we’d previously have to pump back out to. Part of the magic of prone is the satisfaction of landing a challenging take-off after all.

If anyone else has experience with > 5ft and < 40L prone boards would be great to hear.

this is basically what i am trying to achieve with a mid-length. Want to be able get in earlier on some bigger waves so my takeoffs arent so critical or I am stuck inside with the foam. Catching smaller stuff would be fun too. I just ordered a board 5’ x 17 3/4 x 37L hoping its not too short but i think it will work… We will find out in a bit

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Im building a mid length at the moment and trying to keep the volume on the lower end around 38L, normally ride a 4’5x34L and didnt really want to go too high on the volume, mainly wanted some more length for bigger days and days when the tide is a bit high, so still want to be able to duck dive easily. I think a lot of the mid lengths atm on the market are still being aimed as an all rounder or crossover for prone and wing. Will let you know once mine is done

What is the pros and cons of having more volume, ie 5’6 40l vs 5’6 45l vs 5’6 35l?

If you are planning to ride a mid length in decent breaking waves I think you want to pick as much volume as possible that you can still duck dive.

I’m not sure what the optimal volume is but at 165 lbs (75 kg) I can’t duck dive my 5’2” X 60L mid length.

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I’m 75kg also, I borrowed a mates prone board which was about 42L and i struggled to sink it deep enough when duck diving