Midlength prone board options

hey all, I am keen on getting an midlength. Was not too sure on the sizing/volume for the same.

I believe a midlength would make the learning curve a lot faster compared to a small board.
Im a surfer, surf skate a lot… new to foiling

im 5’7, weigh around 75 kgs.

I see there are quite a few options in the market-

Armstrong midlength , confused between 55litres and 65 litres.
65 litres sounds like a lot. I feel like the 55litres at 18 wide would be too narrow.

I was also looking at amos kruzer 5’8 at 40 litres, or the portal enigma 5’6 55 litres.

Would appreciate some input on how this would compare to them?

Im trying to get my hands on a foildrive as well. Hope that speedens up my learning curve.

I’m your same height and weight and prone on a 4’3” X 36L and 5’2” X 60L. One thing to keep in mind is that I have no issues duck diving the 36L board but have no chance of duck diving the 60L board.

I learned prone on a 7’2” X 107L downwind board in tiny waves, switched to the 36L and then added the 60L to fill the gap between the 36L and downwind board.

If I could only have two boards I would go for the 36L and downwind board.

There’s a very detailed thread on this topic already. Try this https://forum.progressionproject.com/t/mid-length-prone-boards/1752/8

From Amos, I like the Sultan over the Kruzer, mainly because of the tail shape and track location. I would discuss with them cutting the thickness to get just shy of 50 liters and it will be a money prone board that you can also learn to wing.

do you think I could use the armstrong 65 litres at 5’9 as a downwind board ? ( maybe use to prone foil when its small as well)
I dont know too much about downwinding, havent thought of exploring it yet

Or should i get a bigger board ?

If you’re trying to SUP downwind you will definitely need a bigger board than that more in the 7-9ft range and 90-120 liter zone

hey, yes, I went through this as well…
came to the conclusion that a longer board might do quite well for me…

Right now, out of the boards above… the only one in stock is an armstrong midlength which is 5’5, 55 litres but 18 inches wide… I was thinking that It might be too narrow for me

theres another one at 5’9 , 65 litres, 19 inches wide… the seller told me they will have this in stock in the coming weeks…

So these are the easiest to procure

Im liking the idea of the amos kruzer 5’8 at 40 litres
I think it should be easy to duckdive as well, and has the length which should make it easier , they have 8-9 weeks wait time though
im in quite a rut to start, lol

im worried about too many litres and not being able to duck dive, hence holding off on buying the armstrong

Try reaching out to Amos and seeing if they have any in stock. It might not say so on their site but a buddy of mine did that and they had some extras that I guess where canceled orders and he was able to get his board from them quicker then expected.

If you are used to paddling short boards while surfing then 18” of width will be plenty wide for you to prone foil. Compared to a surfboard the foil adds a lot of stability while paddling.

The 18” wide board will also paddle faster than a wider board.

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What are everyone’s thoughts on the apple tree majek mid length vs the downwind skipper prone (both around 5’0 and 40l) vs the 5’8 krUzer style in 40l?

midlengths - have owned amos sultan 5’5 75L, amos kruzer 5’8 40L, DC crossing 5’5 55L.

mostly prone but also FD and some wing. im 85kg

amos kruzer wins easily. fantastic board. best ive used. dimensions are very surfboard like. low volume while keeping length is the key positive feature. dont understand why most other midlengths are so thick, its not needed unless v.skilled and using for DW prone and it has many negatives (duck diving, disconnected feel, terrible with steep / powerful take-off)


nice bud… thank you for your response… i think im more keen on the amos kruzer as well… espcially since il be able to duck dive it…

i reached out to amos… they have a 8-9 week timeline… its very unlikey to find someone selling one second hand… i guess il have to take the plunge and wait it out

Same here, I think these mid length are too thick. Waiting my kruzer to be delivered, 4 weeks more. Seems to be a nice prone board

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nice bud… what size did u opt for ? how much do you weigh ?
im thinking between the 5’4 at 36 litres, or 5’8 at 40 litres… i weigh about 72-75 kgs… fluctuate quite a bit

i’m 80 kg - my daily driver wing board is the armstrong 75L fgw. i demo’d the 65L armstrong hybrid last weekend with foil drive and with a wing. worked pretty well for both. if i were buying one, i think i would go with 75L. i have a solid background in surfboard design and construction, so i whipped up 75L board that is a little more to my liking. i went 20.5 wide x 6’ long. i’m meeting with a local shaper today to discuss having him build it for me

I will have a review of the Omen Flux 48 as a prone option. It’s 4"9 and 19.5 wide and you guessed it 48 liters. A little on the shorter/ wider side of the mid outlines but I like it a lot. Stay tuned if interested.

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I love extra foam, especially as an older desk jockey who only gets out a couple times a week. Question is at what point does it become too much? or too much for the dims of the board or rider weight?