Mid Lengths - Footage of paddling into unbroken longboard waves?

Alright, I’m 90% sold on the whole mid-length thing, however, I haven’t seen any footage of people actually paddling into mushy unbroken waves. Everyone is talking about it, but I’d love to see a video before I splurge on another purchase.

Please post here if you’ve seen any! I’m 70 kg and trying to figure out the right size to beat the local greedy longboarders into waves (or at least come close). I’m leaning towards a 5’6 55L Enigma from Portal - any feedback/guidance would be epic!

Higher volume than the “mid”. But I think in the right case the 55 liter board could paddle into unbroken waves. Those unbroken waves might just have to have some power. Also I think foil selection is ideal


Well thats impressive. I am afraid you have just spent some of my money for me.


Don’t take it personally. I did it to myself too.


for what its worth - he has hand paddles on.

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Noticed that as well. Lots of hand paddle progression happening out there.

any reccs on hand paddles? I’ll buy anything to beat the local wave hog at my break into waves


another bigger board this is a 90L ~7’0 downwind board on Axis HPS1050. The trick becomes getting to your feet neatly to grab some more height and then try not stall.

Grab some cheap swimming ones they work amazingly well

Some grainy surf cam on my 5’10" x 20" wing board. At 80L it’s a bit corky, next round I think I’ll go 6’ 65L or so for my 94kg as a dedicated prone


You can really hurt your shoulders with hand paddles if you don’t have a significant paddling base under your belt (my personal experience :roll_eyes: )


As mentioned below, be careful, can really stress out shoulders. With these, you can put your fingers together when just paddling out. Spread them out when trying to get into a wave you might not normally catch.


ye definitely can strain things, same as a SUP paddle

I thought this group would appreciate seeing a side by side compare of the James Casey Elite (6-3 x 21” at 90L) and the Amos Sultan Wing (6-2 x 19 at 95L). I am amazed at how differently they are shaped. I have been winging the JC in light wind for a few months and love it. Yes it has more swing weight than my normal 4-9 75L wing board but it is plenty fun in the surf and absolutely love how easy it gets on plane. I haven’t ridden the Sultan yet but will share that review soon.