New Category for Travel Information

My thought with this category is that locals from each community can post foil friendly spots and spots to avoid. Other suggestions welcome.


Google map overlay might be helpful. Probably want to give permission to a couple of “moderators” who have depth of knowledge to help with workload adding spots and descriptions of where to park, obstructions or things to avoid etc that are posted here.

Example of kite forum travel info map that has been curated over time in that community.
[Travel Map](EastKB (DC) Kite map EastKB (DC) Kite map - Google My Maps)


For downwinding there is some good info on

Something along those lines to share foil knowledge could be useful.


Happy to add some moderators. We’re gonna need to at some point. The forum is growing.

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I’ll be happy to start a Map on google with what has been posted so far. Ill repost when I have a few pins dropped and a link to share.

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@Erik got a map started. A little underwhelming at the moment but it will grow overtime with user input. Might be helpful to the pin the post with map link to the top of #travel-info if that is possible.

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Will do tomorrow. Thanks for hooking up a map!

Nice idea !! For getting some details on spots when traveling.
Would like to provide info in my local spots in the north coast of Colombia, how can I add it? Or should send the info to TxKiteFoil and you upload it?

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@OmarFoilCol, if you have a google account PM the email address and Ill give you the ability to add the spots yourself.

@OmarFoilCol thanks for your contribution to expanding the spots mapped for the forum.
It took me a few days but you should be able to access the map through your google drive. You have the ability to add those spot as an editor. Let me know if you have any issues.