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I started working on a map of possible locations around my local area to keep an eye on possibilities. This ended up as a map that I thought might be useful, and then thought that a list of related downwind events might be interesting. Then event recaps, chat, etc

Early stages and I haven’t thought through the best format for the Map (Felt.com or Google), Website (substack) etc, if this type of thing interests you please jump in with suggestions, or just contribute your runs via the google form and I’ll work at the best format for sharing



This looks interesting Matt!! How can I pin my DW runs home spots?

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Nice one Omar :ok_hand:t2: I think for now probably for you to submit via the form and then I’ll load them in bulk into the map. I’m worried if I don’t get them in a raw format and then end up having to move to a different map application then having them pinned directly might make that impossible…!

Form here: https://forms.gle/6Mdpm98kSEnTqaV59

The alternative is to give you edit access on the map and you paint away, but I think it will lead to a bit of a messy outcome? Early days so happy for input here

Or if you don’t mind a bit or trial and error email me and I’ll give you direct edit access to see how that works?

Just filled the form.
Tell me how you see it? This run in particular could be turned into 3 or 4 more runs since you have many options of places to begin and to finish :smile:
But it’s a good start to make the structure of info understandable!
Thanks for taking the lead on this!

I can’t view the felt map on my phone.

Updated the link and copied below

Thanks! I need to upload them to the map, hopefully it works in bulk. Trying to find the best format for this.

It is uploaded here, first true community contribution!

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Posted some of the events this summer, have I missed anything?

Would be stoked to hear if anyone is going to attend?

Something called the Great Barrier Ocean Reef Downwind, or the like. Coming up in July, similar dates as M2O I think.

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Cheers I found it and added it to the list.

I’ve just posted an update, quite a bit going on in Maui at this time of year, must be epic to have all of this to look forward to!

also - if posting stuff to the forum is an issue please let me know, the idea with this is to channel my interest into something productive rather than any real commercial angle, happy to take feedback on this point


Check out James Casey’s Thursday thoughts video this week. About 2:50. :grinning:

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Ha no ways :smile: rad that he is so stoked. Didn’t really expect anyone of influence to really think much of this, but I guess in a sense James has been at it for ages and had a sense that downwind had serious potential and maybe this is one of the things that validates that.

Taking suggestions and contributions if anyone wants to influence direction :smiley: pressure increased slightly haha

I’m glad you’re doing it. Because I don’t troll instagram well enough to compile it all, but really have wanted it. I’ll throw stuff in this thread for you. I was getting really hyped for the Omen vs Code show down. Now it’s between even more people and is more exciting.

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Thanks definitely appreciate it. I don’t spend nearly enough time on instagram at all but am going to have to figure out a system. Stoked to see what happens this season, can imagine it is going to be super competitive

What do you think about the gear show down? Haven’t heard that much about Omen, see Josh Ku had a prototype Unifoil in one of his clips but I suppose may not have the experience. Lift seems to have dominated the Wet Feet race.

I think there’s a lot more than two competitive foil brands, maybe as many as 7. It will be all about the rider and their foil sizing on the day in each of these races.

There is some very competitive riders signed up for the m2o in particular and any one of at least ten of them could likely win. I think it is wide open.

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Yeah, Kane is going to be tough to beat on his new KT gear. James Casey has the Code for winning. Kai is teasing secret French brands. Who knows what the Spencer’s are doing. The Oahu race was dominated by Lift, but that could just be heavy lift bias in Hawaii. The F-one’s are super fast, but might not have the low end for the start and end.

Is Mike’s Lab going to take the win in the wing division? It would’ve won in the Oahu race if Robert hadn’t overshot the finish line and went into the wrong channel. That allowed GoFoil to get past him at the end.

Andrew Gibbons refuses to pick a winner in his Casey Catchup.

You can see a great recap of the Oahu race on the Blue Planet podcast. You see Kane’s 1 fall when he was in the lead and his work to get back on foil.


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Interesting, didn’t think of Kai, riding Phantom it seems. Phantom making the fastest windsurf foil and Kai being one of the few people to have the ability to paddle a mega fast foil up. That will be interesting. Love how Andrew calls out the secret senders, I can imagine lots of strong competition just turn up for the events. Strategy probably important as James says with the technical finish on M2O

Thanks @Hdip for those links, really good insights from both. Posted an update with the results and some other stuff