Forum Suggestions. What could make it a better user experience?

Hoping to dedicate some time to improve the forum. What should we focus on? Anything lacking? I’d like the ability to upload video, but that isn’t native to the platform. Would be great if we could create a social sharing, like IG, but for technical discussion. Lots of great foil minds on here already and with video it would get better. Any suggestions for that?


Hi Erik,
Can you consider adding add a categories for

  • Events & Trips
    Eg. We’re heading to [where] on [dates]
    Pump contest [where] on [dates]


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Some random ideas, not strictly necessary but these came to mind for fun stuff

  1. Something like a monthly “Expert sessions” for someone with deep passion/technical experience to do lectures on something (board design, foil design, foil racing, foam bashes, Oscar explains how he foiled for 2:45) and then people Q&A at the end - do it on Zoom or whatever (eg some guy explaining paragliders)
    (Can we put a beer fund together to get @KDW to do a step by step on everything related to foil design :palms_up_together: )

  2. Constructive feedback AMA threads or something - ie everyone posts videos and get feedback related from someone who would be able to constructively break down specific elements (this maybe where people can just post their IG or YT links and people assess)

  3. Coaches eye type breakdowns of specific styles. Ie get someone good at foam bashes to run through a bunch of variations and progressions.

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I think that instead of “Travel Info” (or in addition to) let people post their location and put them on a map, so if you are traveling you can see who lives there and shoot some DMs for the local info. I know i’m personally less likely to blow up my spot with a big post but always happy to help a foiler out!


Good idea. Anyone want to volunteer to build us a map?

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I’m not computer guy but i imagine the first step is having a required GIS identifyer on the profile. City St. or Zip? Then i imagine getting the map is pretty straightforward!

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Session Report Category might be a nice edition.
Let folks share their excitement, lessons, insights with the forum community. Kind of like in school if youve got a question someone else probably has the same one so ask, in this case as long as we’re posting civilly sharing can only help others with those break through moments on the foil.

Plus reading sessions might just be what some people need when they cant scratch the itch themselves.

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Like that idea. Will create it. Thanks!