New Foil Gadget! Tee Nut Retainer

Ahoy guys!

Just wanted to share a new foil accessory I whipped up recently to help you rig up faster and prevent lost hardware. We have all been there. You are so freakin pumped to get on the water that you waste precious seconds rigging up while your shaky hands chase loose hardware around in your tracks. Or, in a frothy haste, you sling your board out of the bag only to catapult a loose t-nut clear into the sky, leaving you and your rogue hardware stranded in the sand.

If anyone would like to add a few more precious seconds to their session and have a little less hardware anxiety, I have 4 packs (enough for two boards) for sale on my ETSY shop. If any fellow PP brothers/sisters have their own 3d printer, shoot me a PM and I would be happy to share the part file to print yourself.

PS: I love designing and tinkering with stuff. Especially foil stuff. If anyone has any cool ideas they want to bring to life shoot me a message!


Nice use of TPU, I dont make enough stuff with a flexi filament. How does TPU handle salt water?

I’ve been using silicone earplugs for this


TPU handles saltwater very well, the stuff is even resistant to gasoline and can be used for gaskets.


Thanks, good to know!

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TPU overmolds have been used in windsurfing parts forever. It’s well proven in saltwater. Stoked on this product Justin!

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