New to foiling in New Jersey just saying hi

Hey Everyone.

I wanted to first introduce myself to this forum. My name is Dave Sincox and I reside in New Jersey. I have been surfing since what feels like forever and I just recently was taught foil at Real in NC. Since being back I am completely obsessed and picking it up pretty quick. I really love this format and the community in foil. It’s much different from the surf community that I have experienced. I do a surf board review and am starting a journal style vlog called “the lift journal” to document my experience in this new hobby. I am going down the rabbit hole faster then expected and stoked to share the first episode. Anyway just wanted to say hi and am blown away by all of you.


Epic! Welcome to the journey. You should look up Tucker McGrath up there. He’s ripping and a solid dude.

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Hey Erik,

So I am trying to figure that out. From what I am told we live about a block from each other haha. looking forward to getting more involved and stoked for this forum!

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Welcome Dave! I jumped into foiling after about 25 years of surfing. Same deal, fully obsessed and wanted to learn as quickly as possible. As you probably have already found, it really changes the way you look at the ocean during your average surf checks!

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It completely already has. And I am selling almost all my boards too!

Haha yup, I did the same thing! Used to always have 3 or 4 boards in the quiver. Now I only have 1 shortboard for good days. The foil covers everything else!

Yew! lets foil! I am around Monday and Tuesday

I am in Arizona till the 12th. But when I am back I am down

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