Next foil Setup - less carve more pivot- "flying the foil"

I previously had a 1210 which held up fine except for the fuse so I think I’ll give ‘em a chance with the stronger alloy custom fuse and bonding the wing fuse connection with epoxy(should also protect that area from cracking). Gonna see how it goes.

As for the Onofoil lots of “Max rider weight 200lbs” - nothing like being told “Fuck off fattie” right on the website!

Curious about the uni - that mast fuse connection always felt like a failure point, kind of a small and thin connection there, hard corners prone to cracking. Interested whether the new mast/cedrus is causing problems. Make one thing stiffer something else is
going to fail.

I’m not convinced a good mast fuse connection exists besides a clean butt joint on an aluminum connection. Best mast fuse connection is no mast fuse connection. Gofoil is still the winner there. Only foil I’ve not had a problem with.

100% agree on the butt joint, but other people b!tch about that aspect of the Cedrus design. No tight tolerances to loosen, bombproof bolts, no issues. I don’t think the butt would work on a narrower mast than the Cedrus though - you need the larger point of contact and enough width for those beefy bolts.

I was also on Cedrus > Stringy > Takuma. The Cedrus > Stringy is not an issue. It’s the Stringy > Takuma connection that is sloppy. It’s an engineering issue, not an issue with the Stringy fitment (stock fuse was sloppier). When you get slop there it puts stress on the feeble m6s and they will sheer. Been there done that. Only thing that worked has an aluminum can shim that ran the length of the connection and almost fully wrapped the fuse head.

For what it’s worth, my 1095 has held up well. It’s the connection that has been an issue.

Freestyle wing buddy who is over 200 lbs has cracked a katana mast but not his vyper 150.

He did crack an axis 1050 too. And other stuff I can’t remember. Freestyle destroys gear.

Yeah, I’m gonna fix the fuse to wing slop issue by getting a stub fuse (detachable rear section for travel) made. This way I’ll permanently bond the 1095 to the fuse, not even run hardware for the wing connection. Also enables a lighter rear fuse, probably cabrinha style on that connection

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I think you and I would get on splendidly.

If you want a stringy fuse for cedrus and a1095 for a good price send me a note. I’ve got the extra strength 7075 fuse that I don’t think he makes anymore due to cost and 7075 availability.

I tried to send you a note but I’m not sure it went through.


1095 KILLED! THANK YOU NEXT! Wing broke near the fuse. Fuse connection was solid. 1210 is next on the chopping block maybe!

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