No Limitz custom 75cm

NL 75cm for Cabrinha, in excellent shape, no corrosion, almost like new. Great price at $500
Includes shipping


A couple questions; is the custom part the color? does the base plate come off? And where is it? (I’m in W FL)
Thanks in advance.

The custom part is the 75cm of the mast. NL makes 72 and 78cm. The length of mast is the measurement from base plate to top of carbon, at the base of the aluminum adapter. That is how NL take their measurements. Cab adapter adds another 3cm. So once your fuse is on, total length is around 79cm. Base plate does not come off, nor does the adapter. I am located in Hawaii.

That’s a cool mast. Maybe too far away tho. :call_me_hand:

Thanks, USPS does go to the East coat :grin:

(I’m going to keep this bookmarked in case I get some cash from Santa.)

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