WANTED - Stringy Takuma - cabrinha adaptor

Hey team! Just wondering if anyone has a Jim Stringfellow adapter for the no limitz takuma mast to fit cabrinha wings? Can’t seem to find them anywhere!
Thanks :grin:

Have you tried contacting Jim directly?

I have, he’s on holidays at the moment and has been for the last few weeks. Said he doesn’t have any ready made and wouldn’t have any for a while

Have you tried Big Winds? That’s where I got mine. Not sure if this is true but I heard Nolimitz doesn’t want people using adapters on their masts.

They are sold out as well unfortunately… how does yours go? Do you like it??

I hadn’t heard that about no limitz… did you hear any reasoning behind why they didn’t want people doing it??

The adapter worked as you’d expect. I didn’t use it much and it’s been a while but I think I had to use a layer of tape to get the fit right…pretty typical for aftermarket parts.

Please understand that what I mentioned is just what someone told me and I have no way to know if it’s accurate information. And, also, my memory isn’t the best so I may have misunderstood. Anyway, I believe that the reason was that some adapters will add height which translates into more leverage and more stress on the mast. Something like that anyway.

Thanks for your feedback - interesting but I think you’re right and normal for an aftermarket to not be an exact fit.

Also thanks for elaborating on the adapters, I can see how that could be a problem and I did hear a rumour myself of someone having an adapter snap off and losing their foil to the deep blue…

Any chance you’ve still got yours and are willing to part with it? :grimacing::joy:

I still have it and have been debating whether to sell or keep it. I tend to want to keep things until they’re unpopular and lose a lot of value…and then attempt to sell it.:joy:

I saw that Foilparts had doodads for various masts/wings. That has to be the stupidest name for those adapters.:joy: Interesting what parts the aftermarket offers these days!

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Haha yeh I know that feeling all too well!! Well if you do decide to sell it, make sure to let me know! :grin:

I literally thought doodad was a joke name the first time I heard Adrian from Axis talking about it :joy: if only the foil parts doodads worked with the nolimitz takuma mast instead of the original takuma alloy noodle mast… I’m sure if I sold the nolimitz, the next day they would release some compatible with it!! Just my luck haha

The foilpart doodads may work with the nolimitz mast. I know that Stringy makes some that work with the nolimitz mast too.


Thanks for sending that link through @Hdip , I think that must be an older version of the nolimitz takuma. Mine which just arrived fresh out of the factory doesn’t have the recessed holes in it… otherwise I think I’d be getting one of those to try! Waiting for Jim to get back from holidays so I can hopefully get my hands on one when He’s back :grin:

Cool. Thanks for picture I was wondering what the difference was.