Nolimitz feedback?

Aloha foilers,
Can you Nolimitz guys provide some feedback on the mast stiffness? I know it’s very light, which is awesome especially if you have to carry your rig from the truck to your local spot and it’s a trek, but once in the water is the stiffness really there? Or is it just pretty stiff? I wing and prone and know there’s a lot more pressure being applied to the mast at the higher speeds of winging. Any feedback would really be appreciated. I’d like to know what to expect using this mast for both winging and prone.

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I don’t think it is super stiff like the new Axis or even the cedrus, but it has in my opinion the best ratio speed/stiffness/weight.
I would say for riders under 85kg, it is perfect, for bigers riders I don’t know.

It makes my Takuma 1095 or 1440 way better : more control, more efficient pumping and turning. Overall more trusty. Not mention it makes the set up really light.

I think the Nolimitz mast makes lot of sense for Takuma and Cabrinha as both have noodle mast. We will see how good is the new Takuma mast, I heard it is very good.


Also interested in order lead times and international orders if anyone has any feedback there

Yes, I’m curious too! Been trying out the large axis foils during the summer dry spells and love the foils and stiffness of the mast but hate the weight of the 19mm.

Thanks so much for all of that information. It’s what I was hoping to hear. I’m currently on the Axis Art series foils, I have all of them and I love them but the Alu mast was killing my shoulder carrying my setup from the car to the local spot. Sometimes in Waikiki parking is a bitch and you have to walk far. In reality, I only feel the weight of the Alu mast on land. I did order the Nolimitz 78cm mast hoping for the best. I’ll probably order the Axis High Modulus 900mm mast for winging and use the Nolimitz for prone foiling, we shall see. I’m waiting to get back to Hawaii, the Nolimitz mast is waiting for me.
BTW I enjoyed listening to you on the podcast, keep up the great work,
Aloha Kai

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Hi Matt,
I ordered the Nolimitz 78cm mast 2 weeks ago from Jeff at Wet Feet and he told me it would be a month but it just showed up in Hawaii in two weeks exactly Haa what a pleasant surprise that was.

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We’re in the same boat, I love the Axis foils and the stiffness of the 19mm alu mast but like you, I’d prefer a lighter mast. Although I really only feel the weight on land. I get to try the Nolimitz mast next week and will report back

I’m not sure how the Nolimitz will work with Axis art 1099/999 as they need super stiff mast. The new Axis power carbone mast might be better.

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I was surfing at wikiki last month on vacation and saw a guy swimming in with a snapped limitz mast from a turn. And it was waist high


Carbon masts vs Aluminium. Iv heard the carbon masts give more feedback and feel more lively when pumping/turning as compared to aluminium which feel sluggish? Is this justification for the extra $1000 spent or are carbon masts superior ? And when I say aluminium I mean axis which seem to be the bench mark and the only one I can afford haha

My 78 no limits arrived a few days ago. Can confirm it is WAY stiffer than the takuma aluminium masts. Makes the kujira wings heaps better. Adds about 30% extra pump efficiency. For comparison purposes I had a 75cm alu takuma mast cut down to 62cm and an 85cm takuma lol mast. It’s also about 35% lighter than a 75cm takuma alu mast.

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I bought a 72cm NoLimitz for my Lift 170 and 120, got delivered tonight. It seems lighter and stiffer than the 28” Lift mast it replaced, definitely thinner. I sold the Lift so I can’t compare directly but it seems like it could be shorter. Curious if anyone has insight into length comparison. The 72cm NoLimitz is 26.75 of carbon, 30” from top of plate to bottom of Lift fuse connector.

Build quality is great and it’s noticeably lighter, curious if anyone has tips for maintenance, especially re: the board bolts screwing against the aluminum.

Will update when I get to ride it

All mast companies measure differently. It’s pretty annoying. I had a project cedrus, AXIS aluminum, AXIS carbon, Unifoil, mast all next to each other. All said 75 or 76cm on the side of the mast. Each one a different size.

I can measure a lift 28" tomorrow if you want me to.

Yeah if you don’t mind I’d be curious. Part of me is thinking I should have gotten the 78.

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Lift 28" mast. Baseplate on the ground. Measured from the ground to the tip top of the mast is 30". If I measure from the ground to the bottom of the attachment point (the part that the fuse covers) I get 28".

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I finally winged and prone foiled the Nolimitz 78 mast. I feel it’s extremely light, stiff, and fast. I’m really happy with this mast, I’m about 79 kilos depending on how much beer I’ve been drinking. I didn’t feel any flex in the mast while winging with the Axis HPS 880 or proning with the ART 899. I actually think that my pumping has improved on this mast. Hope this helps anyone interested in the Nolimitz mast.

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Got out on the 72 NL, lift 170 in big (for Jax) conditions. Much more control, definitely faster, and my pumps felt more predictable underfoot. The 170 felt more locked in racing down the line on a steeper face but I should have been on the 120. I think it’s worth the extra money if you’re comparing to an OEM lift.

Anyone got insight into Cedrus vs NoLimitz? Presumably Cedrus is heavier and slower but stiffer, anyone have time on both? How do they compare under foot?

A cedrus for winging seems like it could be better for additional stiffness on longer masts and with the wing the drag could be less noticeable?

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Only used my 78 NL once but felt really good, have heard reports of corrosion at any alu/carbon connections so will be applying plenty of tefgel.
Been using full carbon setups for a while & forgot how annoying tefgel is lol.20220910_111817~2|479x500


Just tried the Nolimitz 78cm mast with my Axis 1099 winging, no bueno. Lots of flex. Love this mast with my smaller foils but definitely not on my large foil.

Any further updates on the Nolimitz mast? Any back to back comparison with Axis HM? I think with shipping it would probably work out to a similar all in cost.

Primarily worried about drag as I probably am on the lighter end and looking to improve the bottom end of the 899