Takuma new carbon mast shim

Hello guys,
This is Francisco from Spain.
I’m new in the forum.
I’ve been wingfoiling for around a year now. Can do jibes properly and I was starting to pump with the board and keeping the wing apart.

Recently I bought a new Takuma 85cm carbon mast (2023 version, no tbar) and I use it for wingfoiling with the 980 and 1210 wings.
Before I was using the alu mast (no hd version) and the feeling was completely different.
I use it with a fanatic 75l board and I’m 72kg.
On the alu mast I used to put the mast in the middle of the box and no shimming and I felt that pumping was much easier than now. Now, when I’m getting some speed I feel too much pressure on the front foot and when pumping, the nose of the board tends to go into the water.
Any recommendations on what should I do to have a similar feeling (to Alu Mast) in terms of pumping? I have read about shimming but I’m a completely amateur in that.
Thanks a lot !!

I have been reading in a French forums that with my weight (72kg) is probably a better option to keep using the Alu mast (no hd) or a tbar, but I use the translator and don’t know if I completely understood.
What do you think?
Thanks a lot!!!

The fuse that connects the new masts to the original foils has a noticeable angle on the prong, increasing the angle of attack. I think that was good but they might have overdone it, so I was shimming the plate thick end forward/nose up. Seemed much better with that 1° shim.

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Thanks a lot!
I’m completely new in shimming.
You are talking about shimming the mast in the base, isn’t it?
Do you recommend to shim the tail as well?
Where can I get those shimming plates?
Thanks a lot!

The aluminum fuselage that fits the carbon mast and Kujira 1 and LOL foils for me was such that bolted to the mast the fuse was quite nose down. This would have worked on an old rockered foil board, but most modern boards are set such that the tracks are parallel to the deck. Some people like the fuse slightly angled towards the board for winging which means you would ride “nose down.” I found the amount of nose down angle way too much for winging and unusable for prone foiling.

You can either shim the front of the mast so it is raked back, or place a washer on the front screw of the fuse to mast. Once you find your preferred angle, you could fabricate a tapered shim out of plastic or G10 and glue inside the alu fuse, or ?

I was so used to the T-mast that even with the fuse adjusted as above to 90 deg from the mast, the out of plane stabilizer made the foils feel completely different and not for the better. It’s a shame as the 980 and 1210 are good foils. I’m sure with a little patience you’ll find the right spot again… I gave up.

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It didn’t sound like tail shimming was your issue. Yes mast to board. YouTube omen shim or something, they do a video on it.

Today I’ve taken some photos of both mast and fuse. Alu Vs Carbon.
The difference is huge, even bigger on the tail.
Should I try to get same angles shimming?


It’s possible they my fuse is bent?

Dude, it’s totally bent. How the heck?

And yes I am supposed to be on a zoom :rofl:

It looks like you’ve been running ~+5° tail shim. That’s cray cray and explains your front foot pressure.

Next time you need to get your car unstuck from the sand, don’t use the foil…

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The front is a correct difference btw.

Thanks a lot, at least, now I know where the problem come from!
Now let’s see if Takuma warranty take care of the issue.
In the meanwhile I will be foiling with my alu mast and fuse!

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Finally got my new fuse!!
I had no troubles with Takuma warranty!
Yesterday I tried it and it was a complete different feeling! Thanks you guys for the support!


I bet, winged the 950 for the first time the other day and absolutely loved it with the 34 tail.