North Shore April 8-14, anything foil-able for prone?

I’m gonna be on the North Shore 4/8-4/14, South Shore 4/14-4/16…

It’s a fam trip but it would be nice to sneak in some prone foil sessions. Looking at the forecast I’m wondering if it’s worth brining a foil and board on the plane though… Any thoughts on whether to bother and if so where to foil? Feel free to DM me if you’d rather not name spots. Any advice much appreciated -

On one hand, it doesn’t look like a week for epic foil conditions on either shore. On the other hand I will probably be foiling on the South Shore any given day that week so guess it kinda depends on how often you get to foil where you’re at. Once the swell hits the North Shore on Tuesday I’d probably tell you to just surf.

You’ll have fun… Been out in April the past few and foiled every day for 10 days especially if you count winging in afternoon
Proning advise it can be small (thigh high) but tons of fun.
Not giving away any secrets here
Kahalui harbor if there’s more north swell
1000 peaks, guardrails if more south swell
Everyone is super friendly, just assume they’re more skilled. Introduce yourself, be friendly and have fun
It’s not California