Omen flux shape

I want to know what is the advantaages of the 40L omen flux shape compared to a normal 40L prone board, such as the profoil v2. For 40L, the omen is 4’6 and the profoil is 4’10. Wouldn’t the longer board get into waves earlier?

Also, for light wind winging, isn’t longer boards better for that?

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For ease of discussion.

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I like some rocker and gradually rounding in the nose for winging. Feel like it helps maintain speed pumping the board out of the water. The Flux is similar to the Kalama E3s in the nose.

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That’s a great comparison. Really shows how much less abrupt the nose scoop is on the Omen. It’s also much flatter in the tail. The Kalama is really quite a banana :banana:

And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Kane’s latest KT has Omen blushing :smiling_face:

The board shape apparently generates lift on its own which makes the board surface and release quicker. I have the 48 and the 84 and really like it.

Looks like kane is using similar board design principles for new smaller kt boards as well.

I thought Kane designed the Omen Flux? The only one I’ve seen was a prototype and it had his name on it.

> Appletree Profoil  4’ 9” x 20.0” x 3.4”   39.5L   3.17kg (6.99 lbs)
> Omen Flux          4' 5.5" x 19" x 3.4"   40L     3.72 kg (8.2lbs)

I’m wondering about the differences too. The appletree is longer, but the kicktail looks like it cuts 3-4 inches from the length of the bottom of the board. Kane’s new design at KT looks like it does the opposite, extending the tail by a few inches without adding much volume. The Omen is narrower which should help on takeoffs, but it’s also heavier.

How does the omen end up a full pound heavier with the same construction?

Good question. I’m guessing the Pro doesn’t have strap inserts and the Omen does. I feel like Appletree may also change the layup for different boards - but I thought they mostly used the light layup for DW boards.

I have two appletree boards - a 4’9” 60L with strap inserts and a 5’7” 80L with no inserts and I was surprised that they weigh exactly the same. I think the 80L is a lighter layup. Take it with a small grain of salt since the 4’9” has a few repairs on it.

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Appletree definitely uses a variety of different layups. My original V1 wing board went 1.5 years without a single dent or need for repair. The latest, 10 liters less and 2# lighter shows dents all over the bottom in six weeks. The airlines just managed to poke a hole in it through the 8mm board bag and an inch of high density foam. It’s clearly a single layer of carbon on the bottom and top nose area. I don’t see this type of construction working for me in the future, it’s not even particularly light.

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Appletree layup can change depending on the use, prone strapless being on the lighter side, and wing boards have more layers to handle the jumps I believe. They also had several foams over time, latest one being the lightest, and different foil box length (latest being quite long).

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what color is the core?

Kind of a blue green and it’s pretty hard to compress with your thumb. They use quite a bit of the excess for padding during shipping so I’ve lots of big chunks.


Sounds like a lightweight divinycell foam. Probably lighter weight than standard

My DW board from them used the same foam. My two other boards (Appleslice wing v1 and v2) used white foam.


Foam padding from a box apple tree shipped a board to me in. It’s firm. Need to apply a good amount of pressure with my thumb to dent

Unfortunately when they put a single layer of carbon over it suddenly it dents remarkably easily. Mine looks like the surface of a golf ball :roll_eyes: No resale value but probably gets off the water even quicker now :joy: Possibly just bad luck but disappointing. Just cosmetic of course…

Same foam in my packing box. I haven’t dented it yet. But haven’t put straps on and jumped it yet either. We’re in the no wind time of year right now.

I’ve been prone foiling the 4’3 Flux for about 2 months now. Mine has the standard layup, feels solid, and still looks brand new. I’m really enjoying this board.


Curious what advantage the omen flux shape has over other boards of similar volume? Gets into waves easier? Paddles easier?