SOLD - Like new 48L Omen Flux wing/prone board - $1300

Selling my Omen Flux 48L wing/prone board that is in like new condition. This is a fantastic board that is really light (8.8 lbs) with a very efficient shape. To top it off, you get Appletree’s proprietary, bomb-proof construction. At 75kg, I had no problem winging this board down to 12kts. Mid-length boards have become all the rage and this board can truly do it all whether you’re winging or prone. The only reason I’m selling is because I am looking for a board with a tuttle box.

See and hear why Tucker from MACkite awarded the Flux as his favorite wing board of 2023 in this video.

Price: $1,300. (new: $1,650)

buyer to pay shipping from Charleston, SC


Volume 48L
Length 4’ 9.5"
Width 19.5"
Thickness 3.7"
Aprox. Weight. 8.8 lbs

From the Omen site:

The Flux has been refined for riders looking to progress their prone foiling or wingfoiling in waves. Due to the efficiency of the outline and hull design, expect to be able to ride a board of at least 25% smaller volume in the same conditions

The length combined with the wide nose & tail provides stability when paddling into a wave or getting up with a win while the low drag, semi-displacement hull makes for ultra easy takeoffs and smooth touchdown recoveries.

The design also provides extra lift when the board is submerged, meaning less force from the wing is required to get up to the surface in low power condition. The Flux truly is the best of both worlds, more low end in a higher performance package.

The large bevels and slim outline provide extra clearance at high bank angles, while the surfboard inspired rail geometry makes the arc of your turn is not thrown off if touched down.

The Flux range represents the culmination of years of tweaking, experimenting, and optimizing foil boards. Our partnership with Appletree Surfboards provides Omen access to the world’s top foilboard manufacturing. After multiple rounds of prototypes we’re confident the Flux will be your ticket to progression. Check out Tucker of Mackite’s breakdown of the 60L Flux in his “Dream Quiver” Video, their 2023 Board Awards, The Lift Journal’s review of the 36L as a prone board, and most importantly: rider feedback at the bottom of the page.

All sizes come standard with strap inserts, Y configuration up front and offset L&R options for your back foot. If you haven’t tried an offset back foot strap yet, trust us on this one, it’s better! Having more control and leverage over the board helps with both wave riding and landing jumps. It also provides more open deck space when riding switch to stay clear of the back strap when heading back upwind.