Paddle length for DW SUP?

I’m about to break out the hacksaw, so what’s the latest advise for (beginner) paddle length?


seems to me its a personal preference. currently i’m liking just a couple of inches above my head. several of the other guys local to me go 1 shaka above head. ive heard some go an inch below height.

i like having a comfortably straight front arm when i paddle. i also like having the little bit of extra length so i can still reach the water when i’m up on foil.

at least so far…

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I think mast length comes into play a bit as well. When I was learning on a 65cm mast with my paddle at just a couple inches over head hight and my ape arms I was hitting my foil regularly. Once I went to a 75cm then that paddle is perfect. Your front wing is a paddle guillotine.
Shorter mast about head hight, longer mast and you can add a bit.