Pole / push in shallow water / waves

Has anyone experimented with a pole to push into swell where its shallow and small waves?

I know fisherman on kayaks and SUPS often use poles to navigate

….thinking of a high jump pole and the way it bends and then springs the jumper higher—- could work if a pole bends and loads up to push the foiler forward?

could also be hollow/foam filled to stay floating just outside the lineup if the rider wants to drop it?

obviously not good for crowds but could open up some shallow wave riding … and may be easier than a paddle?


I just dig my tail wing into the sand and push and go off that


so you simulate a forward jump shot and that works?

You are in straps then?

No straps, starting prone, just pivoting off that tail in the sand instead of paddling into the wave sometimes. It doesn’t always work, but when it does it’s a treat

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Pole vaulting pole…….bends and then projects and propels