Shallow water dock start contraptions

I’ve been seeing videos of people with little dock start contraptions for shallow water where its not enough to beach start. Does anyone sell something like that? Any tips on how to make one? I need a way to get out there when the waves are too small to break in deeper-than-mast-water lol.

It seems like the pvc-pool noodle brackets are good for holding the boards, but what is the platform/base made of? How to you anchor it to the bottom?

They use ladder shaped like |----|
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It’s a decorator’s ladder with some decking boards on top. Check this video mate: Ladder starts

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No need to anchor it to the bottom - when the waves are small enough that you need it it largely stays put.

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Had my first go with the Dockstar from Chase Ladders today. Can’t recommend it enough. Professionally built, super light and strong, very stable, and the secondary platform makes it easy to just run off the end without worrying about your wing hitting the ladder legs. Great company as well, were fast to replace it when it came damaged by DHL the first time.
I’m located in Florida, so they do ship internationally.