Portal Enigma review

Loving the Enigma prone. Waiting on a good wind day to start to try to figure out the wing!

Ha! Join the club. I was so keen to get on it that I grabbed the nearest stuff at hand…)

Enjoying the easy takeoff and longer battery life with Foil Drive - over 23 miles on Saturday with at times some strong headwinds on the ride back out…

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Nice! Enjoying the longer battery life in my arms! Hahaha

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Had another prone session on the 5’6 Enigma today. Thing is a god send while learning to prone when you can’t pump back out on foil

Is there a max width on these mid lengths? 18 seems really narrow, I am fine on 19 but wondering if you are giving up anything on going slightly wider. Plus does the length 5’ plus length mess with your pump technique if you are a kooky pumper (ie does the nose or tail hit the water a lot)? Really want to pull the trigger on one of these but want to make sure it helps my progression and wave count. Thanks!!

The 5’6 Enigma from Portal is 20 wide. Can’t really comment on the pump since I’m still terrible but I see videos of guys pumping them no problem

I have been pleasantly surprised with the pump of my 5’6". I thought it would be a dog to pump but it’s really no big deal.

Are you still loving this board? I’m almost 200 lb and surf weak east coast waves in south carolina so sounds like similar variables to you. I’ve always rode a prone board in the 35L range and a wing board in the 75L range. Lately I’ve been taking the prone board out winging when it’s 20 plus knots. Winging on a smaller board has been amazing, but don’t think it’s quite worth having to go up a size or two in hand wing size + running the risk of getting stuck off foil if the wind drops a couple knots. Feel like this board would be a good compromise between the two plus the added bonus of being able to prone when the tide is too high to paddle in on my usual prone board. Do you have a pretty easy time getting up on foil while winging at your size?

Hey there! The 55L Enigma will be a great replacement of your 75L wing board (especially if the 75L is the old short and wide model.). It is definitely a sinker so the wind can’t stop but you will have a way easier time getting on foil compared to your 75. And it will be way easier than your 35L. And bonus points to be able to prone it when the surf is small or crappy. I surf it all the time. Can’t make myself get off of it. Full disclosure, I ride a Sunova James Casey Downwind Elite 6-3 for all winging less than 17MPH.


I’m 205 lbs on a 5-0x24x80L wing board, 38L prone. Love the idea of having a midlength/groveler prone board for small day but have no clue if a enigma 5-6 55L would be a good/viable volume as a wing board for me. Know there’s a tweener volume that can be difficult. Any thoughts? I’m normalizing winging in good wind at my local. Anyone approx my weight with thoughts/experience?

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I’m not a great wing foiler and was skeptical on the mids. I’ve found they’re super easy to get up if you have 15+ wind. Once they’re on the surface its as fast as a dw board, but then feels so small underfoot when riding. I’m 190.


How have folks found the get up on the wave. One thing I find with reasonable volume prone boards is you get shot out fast and in front of the wave quickly and you’ve got to adapt getting to your feet on and foil. Otherwise you end up on foil a lot sooner than desired.

Only had the opportunity for a single wing session but found it easy going and fun after my usual 65L wing board. Some getting used to strapless. One obvious caution is being stuck far from shore when the wind drops. (64kg rider, Portal 45)

I’ve just had a few more sessions on the 55l and man does that baby wing. My first impression was way off of what it really can do. When you miss a tack or something and come off foil, you can pump the wing to keep you on the surface for quite some time while you wait on an appropriate gust to pop you back up. Totally stoked.

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whats the thickness on these bad boys?

How far from the tail is the box ?