Production Downwind Boards

Have you seen anything comparing sultan to phantom?

The bit in the vid where he paddles into that unbroken wave, for me that just showed how much glide this board has - it just looked so smooth, very impressive.

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I asked Josh for you. He said he’ll have one in a month. So you’ll have to wait a bit, but not to long.

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How is your experience with the Dagger so far? Are you happy with the size? Im 77 kg ant cant decide between 7’0 and 7’5.

I’m 75kg and just got the 7’5 dagger. Glad I didn’t get 7’0. I’m sure I’ll want the smaller size eventually, but the 7’5 has been enough of a struggle so far. Only been sup foiling tiny waves with it, no dw attempts yet. Just waiting for some wind. But trying friends boards that are a bit smaller (90-100 L) I’m glad I’ve got the extra volume. Though I’m sure 6 mo from now I’ll wish it was smaller.

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Fwiw had a few goes on the Axis Hybrid 6’4 x 24 at 110L with my weight 70-75kg with wetsuit with near zero small sup experience but lots of ~100-110L intermediate windsurfing experience and a high level of longboard surfing (can balance standing on a stationary log longboard no problem)

My experience of the board was that the first day was a pain, really nearly impossible to go straight, constant falling, no chance of any power for catching waves. Second day was much better, caught a few tiny waves and could balance the board and get some rocking motion to engage the foil, able to straight line for 5-10 strokes

As with the foil where the temptation was to go high aspect early and then huge relief when the MA foil settles things, I intend not to overdo it again and get something that will be forgiving. I’m hoping that I can do 100L Appletree 6’11x20 when I get around to ordering while trying a few boards in between the that and the Axis. Progress is rapid though and I don’t doubt the used market will be busy once everyone sizes down.

I’m enjoying my 6’3” 85L Armstrong Board for my 65kgs pre 5/4 etc. Only real sup experience has been on my 12’6 touring board, so this is a whole new ball game. Still working out the J stroke, but I’m happy to say I’m not falling in really unless I completely botch a paddle up attempt.

I’m three or four short sessions in and not able to pop up yet. Closest I got was with my hand paddles, which are idiot proof, but tiring.

I previously demoed the 100L in flat water and the ease kinda made me think the 85L would be better in the long run.

My goal is to be ready for longer dw sends next fall, as we have a long summer with plenty of time to flat water train and small swells to play around in.


Would love to hear your continued thoughts on this board, as I’m about the same weight and ready to pull the trigger on a downwind board. I was able to demo a 7’5" FFB dagger, and it didn’t impress me, but maybe it was just too big for me.

I have winged about 130 miles with it in mostly light wind conditions. I recently started to flat water paddle it, and can balance fairly well on it. Looking forward to some short DW attempts. I’m about 65 kgs