Prone foiling boards

Anyone out there riding the mr bennetts JS board. Been interested in it for a while but it seems there is a very limited amount of them out on the market. Was wondering if anyone has ridden one and what they like/dislike about it. I currently ride the lift 4’6’’ with mostly the lift 120, occasional 90 if the waves have enough power. I really like the idea of the mr bennetts board being so pulled in at the tail. Seems like you can really lay down some turns without catching a rail. That being said I’m slightly skeptical about a company that’s 99 percent tailored to surfboards coming out with a foil board. Maybe not as much attention on the board as say a foil specific brand.

Some feedback on it here. Similar thread with other boards mentioned as well.

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If you’re interested in that board but hesitant on a non foil first shaper, you should lookt at the Amos Spitfire

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Thanks, I actually just started to dive into those shapes last night. Been watching a bunch of videos

I had a mrB JS for about 3 months, they paddle/feel bigger than their size suggests - construction is light & not very strong imo.