Question on Unifoil gear

I am 80kg/175 lbs, can jibe but still learning foot switches. 105l board, foil is carbon, 72 cm mast, 2000cm2 (a bit older, not ha). I am wing foiling mostly in light wind, lakes only. I would like to do more pumping, dock starting and enjoy riding waves so I am on the lookout for HA foil with a longer mast.

I don’t know much about Unifoil and they don’t sell them much where I am. I see this for sale and I am wondering what you think and if USD $2,000 is a fair price:
83cm katana mast - great condition
170 Hyper2 - great condition
210 Hyper2 - great condition
13 inch 3 pack- 2 tails and 1 shiv tail light scuffs
Long fuse - great condition

Thanks for any input. I should also mention that I will be getting foil drive to speed up learning riding waves and pumping on light wind condition.

My $0.02, if you valued them individually:

83 katana - $6/700
Hyper 2 - $350ish each, maybe less. Uni was blowing these out (and may still be).
3 pack G10 tails - $100
Fuse - $200/250


I’d generally agree with that pricing. Very challenging to sell the H2’s.

The Larger Hyper2’s (190 and 210) are good lightwind wings, but I really wasn’t a fan of the H2 170. I found it very pitchy and oddly hard to control.

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Thanks @Tanner.0 and @Velocicraptor.
It sounds to me that even for the price you suggested, you wouldn’t do it and perhaps Progression or Vyper would be a better choice?

I am also worried that there isn’t much unifoil used market in my area, but planty of Armstrong.

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I wouldn’t recommend buying that gear at that price and I expect he will have a hard time unloading it there. There are some good winging foils in the Uni range, but there are also some that don’t work very well.

I don’t know a lot about Armstrong, but if thats what people use around you and there is a deep second hand market, then I’d suggest exploring that option. Ask around and figure out what you are looking for and get the right quiver for your experience and conditions.

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Definitely makes sense to buy into an eco-system that has used gear available in your vicinity if you think you’ll want to try/ride a lot of gear.

+1 on

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I tried the hyper2 when I was at your skill level and I didn’t like it at all. The progression was much better IMO but I didn’t buy it since I wanted a little more speed.

You can score a used v1 universal mast right now for good deals and then swap brands easier. If you want east resale, Code is probably the current hot commodity on the market.

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thats a high price. 1500 sounds more like it.

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H2 is good but progression is much better for almost everything.
Katana is fine but NL2 is better.
13in tails are fine but Prog tails are better.
Long fuse is fine but Med fuse is overall better.

So that is a suboptimal setup priced at an extremely high price. Used foil gear is rapidly plummeting in price/value.

He will either sell that to someone with lots of money who has little information or have to drop the price significantly.

The true value of that setup is probably $1000, maybe $1200.

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Clear consensus and I won’t proceed with the purchase.

Really appreciate everyone’s input. Much appreciated.