Unifoil Hyper Multiple sets Save over $1,000 (AUD)

Please note - all prices are in AUD and foils are located in Australia.

Top of the line Unifoil gear for sale, multiple sets, tails and wings. This gear is in excellent to perfect condition, no cracks, splits, damage.

Ideally i would like to sell a couple of wings and tails per set rather than just piece off individual parts, i think combining wings is the best option for people picking up this gear.

Good pairing options would be the Hyper 210 with the Hyper 170 and then the Hyper 190 with the Hyper 170, tail pairings are optional

Fast, efficient, high aspect wings for someone wishing to transition from low / medium aspect wings or for established riders that want the pump and glide of an efficient wing for downwinders or small days. The Hyper 170 is fast, manouverable and pumps well, perfect wing for smaller riders or for bigger days. Feels so quick, so slick, no drag, and exceptional wing. The Hyper 190 has the same profile as the 170 just a bigger version, better pump and glide but still turns so well. This is my preferred all a round wing for small to medium days. The Hyper 210 a pump machine and glides forever, feels like a hot knife through butter as it slices through the water. Perfect for those smaller days or your go to if you are a larger foiler. Good wing for SUPs and downwinding. The set up with the 16" Carve tail is perfect for stability, pump and glide. Tail can be chopped if you want it to reduce some drag and turn sharper.

These wings are just magic, suit all sized foilers. Cant go wrong with any of the sets for offer.

Full carbon fibre set up. Light, strong and durable.

These particular setups are hand made by the owner and designer of Unifoil (Clifford Coetzer) normally reserved for team riders, this gear doesnt come on the market often and will be snapped up quickly. Sturdy, well made and amazing feel. The whole setup feels solid and stable. A distinct advantage over the commercial versions at a cheaper price.

For Offer:

Hyper 210 (split fuselage),

Hyper 190 (split fuselage),

Hyper 170 (1 x split fuselage, 1 x solid)

2 x Mast 750mm

Tails: Carve 16", Flare 12",

Board mounting screws and bolts for 2 sets

Spare bolts for wings, tail and mounting

Unifoil Kit with small bag and small and large tools

Shims (3 sets)

All wings and tails come with covers, some Unifoil, some custom and Mast covers

(There is no board in this offer - please dont ask me if it comes with a board.)

Full single wing set - Price $2,550 Replacement cost $3,055 (min) Save $505 !!!

Foil set with 2 wings - Price $4,300 Replacement cost $5,534 Save nearly $1,250 !!!

Individual wings

Hyper 170 - $1,300 Replacement cost $1,644 Save $344 !!

Hyper 190 - $1,350 Replacement cost $1,716 Save $366 !!

Hyper 210 - $1,430 Replacement cost $1,787 Save $357 !!

Carver 16" tail - Price $260 Replacement cost $357 Save $97 !!

Flare 12" tail - Price $260

Replacement cost $357 Save $97!!

Fuselage - Price $260.00

Replacement cost $410 Save $150 !!

Shims - $30 per set

Unifoil Tool bag will go with first dual wing foil set sold.