*SOLD* Unifoil Progression 170, Medium Fuse, Project Cedrus 73 cm

Willing to part out or sell whole set up.

$450-P170 is in great shape, it did fall over in the parking lot on a windy day and has a minor ding on the wing tip.

$100-Medium Fuse is great shape

$475-Cedrus 73cm mast has non structural ding on the trailing edge plastic. Unifoil & newer M8 Takuma adapters available with it.

P170 and medium fuse sold.

Still available:

Project Cedrus 73cm $475… comes out to 78cm with base plate and adaptor I believe.

Unifoil Adaptor $40

Takuma M8 Adaptor $50, used once.

If your buyer falls through I’ll buy the whole kit

Just the Cedrus and two adaptors left.

Very interested in the Cedrus 73 mast and one adaptor. How to contact?

Hi, did you end up selling the mast? Im interested if still available.

Everything sold