Stoke Foil Boost... It works!

Got to try a Stoke Foil Boost for 30 minutes today.

Not much info out there so I thought I’d share my first impressions. No affiliation.

It works! It has more power than I was expecting…

My expectations were low before I used it, as some folks online have wondered why Stoke doesn’t publish some power ratings, leading people to wonder why they didn’t… and to assume it must be underpowered. I don’t know how it compares to a FoilDrive in power. But seems like it has plenty of power for me…

It has three settings… Low, Medium and High…

Low is very slow. You could work out your flat-water paddleups with this setting, and they would still be a bit of work! Or you could slowly cruise back out to the lineup. It is slow!

Medium actually has solid power… I was surprised that it could get my 230 pounds up on foil without even paddling. No problem. (KT Dragonfly SUP downwind board, big foil, clean surface conditions.) I could eFoil around, basically, and it was pretty fast. It did require a bit of runway to build up to foiling speed.

High power is apparently for when the battery starts getting low. I was gassed faster than I expected from pumping and from trying paddle ups to catch unbroken waves using it on the low power setting. So I never reached the point where I needed High.

Setting up the whole system was fairly easy for an eFoil-type product. The instructions (which are not online for some reason) are pretty good and simple. Product looks good out of the box. The mast mounting system with pads is nice. It allows you to use one system with different masts. The skinny cable is nice. All pretty easy.

Issues I experienced…

  • The paddle mounted throttle came off the paddle once in the water, but it has a lanyard / leash cinched to the paddle shaft, so it didn’t move much and it was easy put back on. The throttle did want to slide down the handle a bit… maybe I was too heavy handed pushing on the throttle. It was easy to slide back into place. But I had to do that a lot. Maybe some electrical tape on the paddle shaft would create a bit of friction and grip there.

  • I “think” it lost the bluetooth connection from the throttle to the tail receiver one time when the tail of the board got washed with water. But maybe it was just my inexperience. For safety it’s a two step throttle-then-throttle-again-within-five-seconds thing to get going. So maybe I had passed the five-second mark of not throttling again.

  • Our Florida sun is BRIGHT. And the screen is dim relative to our sun. I could kind of tell if I was on L, M, or H by looking at it, but I had to LOOK. I could probably tell the battery life meters if I squinted or shaded it with my other hand. But the screen on the controller is not super bright. Maybe there’s a setting for that. I didn’t read the instructions too closely, I just hit the water.

  • As with other eFoil-type products, you will need to compensate your balance when you kill the throttle.

  • The battery was certainly warm when I was done.

  • One weird thing… at the mast track on the board, my front bolts were super loose, while my back bolts were tough to undo with the tool. I wonder if the thrust of the boost had some effect there.

Other thoughts…

I was trying it to see if this could be a downwinding “cheat code.” YouTuber Dave West said a Foil Drive would have sped up his downwinding learning curve dramatically, and it would have reduced his sheer frustration dramatically. I get that for sure now.

I will keep this. Power is no problem. And battery life (for basically squirts downwind to speed up the learning curve and fun curve) won’t be a problem for my needs.

You could say I gave the Stoke Boost an easy test… A board that flies easy. A big foil. Glassy conditions. But I think the Stoke Boost crushed it for my needs… I’m 230 pounds and it got me going no problem.

I thought I might try some flat water paddle ups while out there with the Boost on low… But there was enough swell energy… and flatwater paddle ups sounded like work! So instead I was paddling / pumping into unbroken waves on the Low setting, and then pumping and surfing from way outside, far past where a surfer could catch a wave, all the way to shore. On Low it was still work at my current SUP downwind board skill level to catch unbroken waves, even with wave energy and Boost energy. The important thing is… nothing was breaking on the bars, so this got me foiling when my normal foil gear wouldn’t work. Yeah! Stoked.

Then I got tired quick from the paddling and pumping on Low (jeez I’m outta SUP shape!). So I started “eFoiling” (on the Medium setting) into position on unbroken waves, just to see if that works, banking in and then pumping. Fun! I actually had to hold the foil DOWN on the water at speed to keep the prop in the water. Then rise up on the mast and bank into the unbroken wave.

Somehow I was gassed from all that work in about 30 minutes. Jeez. No downtime waiting for waves.

I didn’t check the battery percentage when I was done. I shut off the dim-screened controller in the water for safety coming to the beach, and I didn’t look at it before I shut it off. But I never lost any power, so I assume I was at least at 50%. I can check the battery later tonight and report back.

I don’t have any guess on how it works prone, what kind of board volume you need, or what size foil you need for prone (bigger than your daily driver?) to get it going. My goal is to learn downwinding. A downwind board and big foil is far less work to get this thing flying I’m sure than a sinker prone board and a small foil. It’s a keeper for my needs though.

My downwind journey begins… probably with a few more glassy small unbroken “surf” days to get the Dragonfly and the Stoke Boost figured out… before actually sending it on a downwinder.

Thanks to YouTuber Dave West for the pushing me over the edge to just bite the bullet, dig into my wallet to buy a boost, and save the frustration. And thanks to the fellow forum member here for selling me what seems to be a new Stoke Boost at a used price. Stoked.



Nice review!! Thanks for the time to do it.
How would you compare the riding once you were flying with no thrust needed, Interested in knowing if the e-motor and battery badly affected the roll or pitch balance of the foil or if you felt any flying draggy effect? Any mast vibration that didn’t had before using the Stoke?

Waiting on how was your battery after the sesh!


I used a Cedrus mast. So no issues with any wobbles of any sort. No issues with roll or pitch, I assume due to the placement of the Stoke Boost. No idea about other masts. It is not particularly light. And it delivers some force. so I’m sure it would tax some masts. But the Cedrus was all good. I used the Stoke gray pads in front and orange pads in back and it fit like a glove.

Yeah the flying / pumping was was all good. I can’t give an A / B comparison versus without it as I don’t know downwind boards. Obviously the pumping was heavier footed and slower cadence…. But what percentage of that was due to a downwind board and a what percent was the Stoke Boost? I don’t know. I was surfing just fine, slow banking turns on a big foil, and slow pumps to stay in it. Not a shredding experience, but the equipment and conditions weren’t shreddy I didn’t perceive any draggy flying effect. But you do feel it obviously if you get low on foil and it dips in. With its placement on the mast I think it performs pretty well for what it is.

The change from Boost to no boost didn’t take long to adjust to…. You go from a quiet experience with the prop under water to a loud experience as the prop starts to breach. So it’s an audible signal for you to do something… Either Ollie up or push the boost back down. Usually my call was to set it back down, but you keep going faster, so you kind of need to set up well behind the peak if you want to bank into one, as it’s pretty good speed when you are holding the foil down.

One bummer… My hand controller won’t turn on tonight… So somehow it must have been on all day?!? I’m actually struggling to get it to charge on the wireless charger now. I reached out to Stoke about this. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. So I won’t have any stats on the battery drain tonight.

EDIT: The hand controller is charging now. Took a while to find the spot to light up the wireless charger. Meanwhile the eFoil battery has been on the charger charging so I wont have an accurate answer tonight.

Logo upside down. Not centered. Now it works.


Man I’m no expert on this thing. Just opened the box and got on the water. Just sharing what I learned in 30 minutes.

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Great review! How do you think this would work for prone foil surfing?

Hard to tell from my experience today. A SUP downwind board is a long way from a prone board.

But here’s an expert below… and a beginner below that (who doesn’t even paddle!)



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I heard a rumour that some batteries broke away when prone pumping as the battery pod hit the water surface. No idea how true it was.

Hi, Hamish Leighton here from Stoke Foiling. Firstly, thanks @XLFL for the review! @Airsails, you did hear correctly that we recently had a battery break while in use with a customer (we break lots of stuff R&D testing, but that’s a different story!). The cause was an isolated assembly issue on that particular unit and will be quickly resolved with a warranty replacement. That is the only issue with a battery that we are aware of to date. Happy to answer any questions you guys have, either here or email me

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Thanks for the review! This is the first
time I’m hearing about that unit. I’ve been really interested in the Foil Drive just to get more learning time on foil but hate the idea of a big hunk o battery mounted to the front of my prone board or having to buy a oversized board I’m not interested in riding so that the receiver stays dry. This takes care of those two issues but I’m curious where the balance on this is to get a (relatively) low volume board flying and how it compares to Foil Drive.

-Are you planning on using it with a prone setup at all? If so please let us know your thoughts when you do.

@Hamish any info on using this with a prone setup? I watched the videos of Craig Yelland and his after surf interview which was pretty informative.

Sounds like he was riding a 4’8" 36L board with a Cabrina H1000. Not sure how much he weighs.

He looked like he was able to get into an unbroken wave, but he was butterfly paddling about as hard as he could to do so. Wind looked very light and the waves looked about as slow as they could be.

I’m mostly interested in using the Foil Boost with a low volume prone setup to get into waves outside of the surf zone (that don’t break at all), riding those waves then pumping off of the back of them and connecting others.

-How would a 10-15 knot head wind affect getting into a wave?
-Could “High” mode be used to get into unbroken waves easier with a prone setup? How would that impact battery life?
-What type of front wing is optimal to use? My guess would be an efficient high aspect wing, but maybe something with a lower stall speed might be preferable to getting up at a lower speed.

Much thanks!

Hi @KaiLairdy, in the video Craig is paddling much harder than he needs to! Check out some of the other videos on the YouTube channel/Instagram too to see other people not paddling at all. The product is great for what you are planning to do catching unbroken waves outside of the surf zone. The unit has a heap of thrust and it’s only the largest guys who use high power or when the battery is really low. A head wind will create resistance the same way it does regularly but you’ve got the benefit of the motor to make it much easier. For the front wing it is really a personal preference thing, guys are using the unit to both get up on smaller high aspect wings and more wave orientated wings equally as easily.


Hi @Hamish , Trying to figure out thrust numbers. Foildrive say 24.5 KG and you say 9NM or 4000W. I just want to know which of you is claiming the higher thrust. Thanks!

Hi @kbarta, the Stoke Foil Boost makes 55lbs max thrust (this is an actual measured figure, not a theoretical figure).

Good to see another entrant into the eFoil alternative market. I bought my first Foil Drive in August 2021 and I also ride a Flite Ultra. Interestingly all three - Stoke, FD, Flite - hail from Australia - what is it about the Aussies and powered foiling?!? I haven’t tried the Stoke but can say with certainly my Foil Drive Assist+ has opened up spots I could never hope to prone foil. Yesterday I was out at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, a particularly unforgiving location for foilers and the stats speak to the power of an electric assist - over 30 waves, all outside rollers that otherwise only an experienced flatwater starter could catch on a SUP’. Meanwhile I’m a 63 year old moderately fit rider on a 38L board - had it to myself versus two dozen surfers battling it out on the inside. Highly recommended : )


Wow. So you have used it successfully to get out the back and prone-paddle a small board into green rollers that otherwise are impossible to catch? This is exactly why I want to get one!

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I use it the same way. Game changer. I am out foiling all the time at a spot that would be impossible to paddle into.

Anyone have video of themselves doing this? I’d love to see some average joes like myself using the Stoked or other boost systems successfully to get into green rollers.

This clip shows me getting onto a roller with a Foil Drive Assist+ yesterday. 63 kg rider (and 63 y.o.) on a 38L board w/Code 850. Its via Surfline so big screen will help, I’m coming in from left side of screen.


@seangalla Just a short clip on a fairly small and full day (but I guess that’s the beauty of foil drive)

I’m the proner 36L board Uni P170 and the FD box mounted on a waist belt so no swing weight issues.

I use FD to chip into the wave and then don’t use the the motor at all while on the wave, occasionally pump to link waves.

In this video at the start motor is already off and I’m pumping to get over the crest of the wave and then I surf the wave with the motor out of the water and then give it a bit of throttle to bridge the gap between the first and 2nd wave before again switching it up as I do my turn onto the wave

It’s really at it’s best when you’re not using it!

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Hi Hamish. I’ve experienced the battery failure issue and have emailed you.
Thanks, Ian

Update on my Stoke foil assist. I’m getting it more dialed in now (sup). Just had a session where I must’ve caught 15-20 waves in maybe 30 minutes. Without the Stoke I might’ve gotten two or three. Plus I was catching them muuuch further out so longer rides and paddle assist back out. There’s a very small sacrifice in riding with the extra weight and bulk but if you not throwing it around like a pro then definitely worth the trade off. The combination of my paddle and the Stoke thrust gets me onto fairly flat swells. 170 Progression. 110 liter 6’2. 76kg. No wetsuit.