Tail Shim Tutorial

@Greg_F from Omen Foils made this technical look at tail shimming and exactly what it does. I hope this helps some people with burnt out legs.


Best description and explanation ive seen yet!

I just winged with the sensor reading 16MPH. 60L Omen Flux. 1050 Omen Operator. 2 year old 5.2m Ensis. I had plenty of wind to get on foil. Another guy might’ve been learning, he didn’t get on foil even though he had a much larger board.

After I left, wind was stronger and a guy who is better than me didn’t even go out. I told him I was just out there for an hour and a half it’s fine. He didn’t believe me.

That combo of the 60L and 1050 is everything I want from a wing foil setup.