Takuma Mast Upgrade?

I am well overdue on mast upgrade for my 1210 Takuma wing. Im on the aluminum setup (wet noodle). Any recommendations? Seems like it’s either No Limitz or Project Cedrus.

Mackite had demo nolimitz for sale last week.

are you sure its the mast ? the takuma ally mast isnt too bad, but that front connection might be the cause of your wobble. the takuma foil i looked at didnt even have the front wing engage on the taper , it solely relied on the little m6 bolts to prevent it from twisting

I’d say it’s 50/50 for connection fittment vs mast flex being the problem. It depends on your wing, they’re really inconsistent. Some are good from the factory but some are garbage. Turn your kit upside down and grab a connection with one hand (mast fuse or fuse wing) and put some flex into it with the other, you’ll feel movement if there is any. This will help tell you what to look at fixing.

Are you in a position to never take your front wing off the fuse?(don’t travel) If so, permanently bonding that connection with epoxy delivers a big gain if there’s a problem there. This will be permanent, it will never come off ever. I got one off once but i had to move heaven and earth to do it.

Filling the Mast Fuse connection with something - i like 3m 5200 - helps as well, takes some strain off that connection. This isn’t permanent, you can clean the 5200 off the aluminum after the fact with a product like Marine Anti Bond but it represents some kind of commitment (months atleast)

The mast upgrade was absolutely worth it for me, that old stock takuma aluminum is le garbage. For the 1210 the cedrus profile is great, it starts to feel a hair slow on the 1095 but not tragic. Its definately felt on the 980 and smaller.

The cedrus aluminum is great for this application, i have both the AL and the carbon and the aluminum is great. Only time i notice the weight difference of the carbon is carrying it down the beach.

I havent heard an affirmative report that No Limitz has fixed that problem with masts breaking, but it doesn’t seem like your straining your equipment so problably no issue. I’d say go this route if speed is a priority vs the slower cedrus but, for the 1210 you won’t notice a difference.

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It’s my mast that is super bendy. I have the fuse to front wing connection secure with aluminum tape. Way less stress on the bolts now. Funny enough, I notice the bendy mast when I’m pumping back out and my lower back is tired and overworked. Seems like the mast will bend one direction close to the fuse connection and the wing will start to track to one side.

I like the project cedrus aluminum option for now.