Takuma tail chop?

i have recently bought a used takuma 980 with a 220 tail. they are both in pretty rough shape.
i have went for a couple of sessions and I’m loving the foil, but it feels like the tail is slowing down the foil.
is the tail just too big? is it the scratches?
i have seen that some people chop the tips of the tail, what does it change?
should I get a new tail? which one?


The 220 is a very big tail for the 980. I use the Takuma 178 tail and for me it works great

I aggressively chopped a 220. It wasn’t any good as a 220 and it is slightly better chopped. It’s a big fat and slow tail, and you aren’t going to change that, but it will turn better. It was kind of a novelty project for me since it was just laying around.

I used it a couple of times with the 1440 but I preferred the 178 and other options. I can’t imagine that’s a good tail on the 980.

Any suggestions on 178 tail chops? One side got smashed by the reef with about 1/4" gone after sanding. Haven’t noticed a difference yet but the asymmetry can’t be good so wondering if there are any patterns where folks have removed 1/4" or more of the tips.

I’ve been running mine lopsided similar to what you explained for over a year with no complaints

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