Stabilizer chop

Have one more stabilizer that’s begging to be chopped - 18" Race. The older (and thicker) one is already at 14". Keen to try something like 11 or 12 but worried about going too small. 95kg on a variety of H1, Progression and Vyper front wings. Would love to hear some ideas and experiences on tail chops.

Anyone chopped a carve tail?

Yes, second from the top is chopped Carve. Most used tail for over 2 years. It’s an older thicker version, so a bit draggy but pumps and turns well. Still use it with H1 230.

how much did you chop the carve?

To 12". Works well. I think the newer version is thinner and less chord so should be even better.

and what did you use to cut it? any tips are much appreciated as i have a 16" carve which turned out to be a bit too draggy

I wasn’t aware that there were old and new versions of the race tail. How do you tell which is which and when did it change? I saw the race tail (which I chopped to 13.5") as a bit of a “blunt instrument” that added low end to a foil (and easy to pump), but didn’t really suit me otherwise. Curious which version I had.

As far as what to use to chop it, a grinder is very easy. Hand saw works OK.

You can see the old vs new in my second photo - different carbon finish and the old one has less chord and about 0.7 mm thicker. You probably have the newer one. What about your chopped race tail didnt work for you?

Also curious about the asymetric reshaped stabs from the Instagram pros? Anyone experimented with those?

It worked fine, it just wasn’t great at anything other than pumping and adding low end. Felt slow and didn’t turn great. Just didn’t feel very refined to me. The Progression 14.5, 178 and Marlin are all worlds better in my eyes. P14.5 and Marlin are somewhat similar, but I feel more in control with the P. The 178 is much slower and doesn’t sacrifice much low end to the Race tail, but turns so much better. I use those three tails with every foil I own.

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