Tamarindo, Costa Rica Tow In

Erik you mentioned foiling near Tamarindo recently. My friend is going to Tamarindo next month and looking to foil without bringing his whole setup. Any recommendations for jetski rentals and/or guided tow options or foil rental/demos? He wings a bit but mentioned he’d need a lesson. Most of his foiling is behind the boat, which he’s very good at pumping and surfing 3rd, 4th and 5th rollers. His boat dealership is picking up Uni this summer and I think I’ve convince him to switch off of GoFoil to Unifoil.
Thanks for the great podcast! Inspired me to foil in our freezing waters last week here in Indiana!

@backcountry_foil_surfing (on IG) is in Costa Rica. Friends of friends with Jason who I think runs the op.

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Yep they are definitely on my list, but I think they are in Jaco which is kind of a hike from Tamarindo.