Foiling & gear - Central/ S America

Hello fellow foilers
Im currently living in french polynesia for a while with the family
The winging is amazing - although im still feeling like a kook with the wing !
We are riding unifoils ( 210 down to 150) and a few different wing boards
Before we head back to our home base we are hoping to stop off in either costa rica or columbia or anywhere in south / central america really for a few months of wave devotion … which im missing

2 questions it would be great to get input on

  • has anybody experience of buying foil gear in central / south america ? I can take the unifoils but the boards i have are dedicated wingboards and id want some small sup and prone boards instead . Does anyone know if you can get them locally or would i need to ship something in ?

  • any location recommendations? I have young kids ( who are way better than me at foiling btw!) So im wondering about mellow beach breaks … its hard to assess the decent small wave foiling spots that would get us going

Thanks so much for any thoughts or experience
All the best and …happy foiling

i can put you in contact with a guy in brazil ? maybe a bit too far south ?

Thanks Clifford
We are sticking to spanish speaking countries for now as the kids and i are trying to learn spanish
Thanks for the offer of the intro and one day Brazil !
All the best

I’m living in Venezuela, here absolutely nothing available, we import everything from florida

I guess in CR there must be gear as many Americans go there. Ask Eric himself he has been lots to nosara

as for foil waves, this continent as well as Venezuela are blessed.
any more advice, shoot

Hello - been loving the podcast for over a year and helps with the foil brain as we moved from sup foiling in the UK to wing foiling in french polynesia
so we finally arrived in CR with a plan to sup foilnour socks of. Perhaps even some prone and winging too

We just bought a battle truck( ancient Galloper) and are heading south to the OSA region
Not looking for secret spots but just wondering if you had any tips on where to head and etiquette

The whole family (10 to 48 years old) has been winging and we are all foil brained for sure and are looking for mushy weak waves that perhaps run into deep water
But super keen not to annoy the local surfers and so after quiet spota where we can go radical on 2 ft waves !

Thanks for any help and thanks again for the great show - love it.

I dont know much about the west coast, but if you post in the travel section I bet someone would help you out.

Ok thanks Erik I’ll do that
We will also be heading to the Caribbean side in a while… so any starters for 10 most welcome
All the best