Technique breakdowns

A recent conversation with KD and Erik around different subtle techniques (speed bleed, laying the foil over, ankles, stance, offset) made me think some visual analysis might be useful

Example below of this for surfing, which may not be perfect but it gives a useful illustration of what I thought the PP might provide even more value by doing

(And explaining tail shims :laughing:)

Thanks Erik!

Edit - not that I think that video is particularly insightful, but more to illustrate the point, and people seem to like it.

Thanks Matt. I was thinking of a category just for tuning. I’ll create one for technique also. Most of that discussion is happening right now on IG, but in dm’s. And then it can’t be searched or accessed. It’s a poor use of time. One of the reasons for doing the forum is to move that info into a public space where everyone has access.


Ah, yeah public discourse is way more efficient!

A thought occurred, the Learning/Beginner episode would make an excellent candidate for visual explanation, that was super useful!


This video would be good to analize, so good !