The end is near: we'll all be electric in <5 years

I dig this post. I’ve ridden a few of the best efoils for just a short time. Honestly after prone/SUP/Winging/Downwinding it isn’t that fun. I know exactly what the problem is - and it can totally be fixed.

The problem is all the throttle controllers are controlling RPM of the prop. The response is super non-linear and leads to a very lurchy application of thrust and terrible drag/glide. When you release the throttle there is so much drag and all of a sudden the pitching moment is totally different.

If someone were to develop throttle curves that translated a throttle position to THRUST (rather than prop RPM). Then, when you go to zero throttle, you get zero thrust. Which would be just enough motor power to counteract the prop drag. The foil would feel drag free like it does without a prop.

This kind of control would be a game changer, and I’m convinced its possible. We’ll see it soon (maybe with the Takuma?) and in a few years they’ll all work this way.


I’m now out on my Foildrive most days. We have bay conditions so on no wind days it is dock start practice without a dock. You use the Foildrive to gain speed then pop up with the pod/motor out of the water and see how far you can pump. It’s a real cardo workout, I’m managing 15-20 second pump efforts until my legs are jelly, but I’m only learning and getting my fitness up. As the board settles back into the water just touch the throttle to get back up to speed for another pump run. Heart rate are hitting 130bpm and after 40 mins I’m done.

As the wind builds life gets easier, you’re pumping through swell lines, pick the bigger ones and gliding to the next. A touch of throttle if you need to climb over a swell in front that pumping won’t achieve.

I’m on a 32lts board flying the Axis PNG1300


Very much so to begin, but after many dozens of sessions with my Flite Ultra in the surf I’m able to anticipate - I gas it and give it a pump just as before releasing the trigger and I’m flying. Coming off the wave requires careful trigger feathering. Flite made this much easier with their 2.2 release last year.

Heard a whisper that Flightboard have something that sounds too good to be true coming very soon.

The throttle controllers should not be targeted to RPM. Typically, the throttle curve is in terms of amperage. Punchier at the beginning of the battery than at the end when the voltage drops off, but should feel fairly linear.

The hardware should also support custom throttle curves to dial in a given prop, battery, motor, rider weight, board combination.

Idk what the electric foil manufactures are working with, but this has all existed open source with plenty of companies making controllers for esk8. Checkout the VESC project. esk8 controllers are smooth.


Mtn biking has been my primary hobby for the last 3 decades or so…and I’m a firm ‘no’ on e-bikes…got into wing foiling but I live where there are no waves and crappy wind, so I bought a Foil Drive to get some time on foil and just have the experience of foiling. Super stoked on that opportunity and was a great learning tool (need time just getting comfortable riding switch? just go pull the trigger and spend time riding switch, any time)…probably saved my ages of struggling and had a blast doing it.

Got the efoil position Cedrus model, and now I’m considering moving on after spending the summer getting comfortable, trying a few different foils (Cedrus :+1:).

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I’ve always been a purist. Whenever possible no motors. I’ve been foiling with my kite for many years and started prone a couple of years ago. I had a stretch of 3 great days in a row for prone and by the last day was doing great. Then for over 4 months, not one good day for prone. Could not paddle into the waves at all. I came across Foil Drive assist plus and was a bit reluctant at first. (no motors). The more I looked at it, it just seemed like it would make my spot work. Get on the outside bumps early and ride. Well I did get one and it has exceeded all my expectations. Basically I can now be in the water every day. If there is wind, kite foil. no wind, foil drive. I do ride a bigger heavier board, which does make pumping more of a challenge, but have been progressing with that as well. I’ve actually pumped all the way out and into another wave. At first I did not think this possible with the size and weight of this set up. I get to ride my foil when it is almost flat. Still have an awesome day with Foil Drive. I did get 2 marginal days in a row last week where I could paddle in. I always look to paddle in first, but no matter what, I can get out on the tiniest bumps with my foil drive. It was a game changer for me. I am sure it would also be great for down winding. Since I ride my bicycle to the beach, I always like to get in and out in the same location, so for this I just usually kite. Ride the bumps and swells downwind with a foil kite just floating there, flip around and race up wind and start over.

Using Foildrive in a high position, eg 20cm off the board is so much better. Yes you can still efoil but a quick ollie and the motor is free and drag is gone. It’s like a totally different foil sport.

I’d totally use a boost system like Stoked or Foildrive (if it weren’t janky). Yes, I love pumping around too, but to be able to get out and catch unbroken rollers with a little boost and then pump around connecting waves normally seems like a game changer. It would allow me to take off in a completely different zone (outside) from all the surfers.

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An 8’ x20” board will do the same thing but weigh just 12 lbs vs 30 lbs.

I agree it’s all about catching em outside but I just spent a summer in New England catching everything from 6” to 10’ hurricane swell on a homemade downwind board. Every single day. Age 50+

But in 10 more years I’ll probably have a motor.