Tips for pumping on longer masts?

So I’ve been riding the Takuma 1095 on a 85cm mast and I’ve been loving the way it surfs with the added length, but I feel like I can’t find my rhythm for pumping it like I can on a shorter mast. Does anyone change their technique when pumping a longer mast?

Which 85 mast are you on?

Axis Aluminum 19mm w/ an extra beefy custom Stringfellow fuse to take the Takuma wings. Heavy like a brick but not much flex anywhere.

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My guess is the extra drag is slowing you down. The 19mm masts are so much harder to pump, and extra length is even more drag if you aren’t super high. Try staying right at the top. I’ve also found I need a different tuning on the Stringfellow fuses. Might be adding more or less lift than you realize. Guessing more if the pump is suffering. At least on takumas the angles aren’t exactly the same as stock.

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So I’m guessing you guys don’t generally find it harder to pump longer masts then? :sweat_smile:

It could be the thickness, but but my 75 cm mast is an Axis 19mm on the same fuse, so the only difference is in tuning is the mast length. I’m 225 lbs so the wing is a little on the small size, I’m getting about 50 yards max.

Best guess is that I’m just not kicking out with enough altitude. I just kinda feels like the sweet spot for a good pump is smaller on the long mast.

I agree it’s harder to pump a long mast unless you stay really high. As soon as I drop down it’s like pulling something out of the mud.

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i find on a takuma LOL 85 mast that i need to move my feet further back to be able to get a good pump going on the kujira wings. i think moreso the front foot, because of the extra leverage of a longer mast its more sensitive to having the glide and speed killed by a heavy front foot. moving it back dampens the down pump of your front foot. or maybe im just imagining it…

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Thanks, I’ll try giving that a shot tomorrow. I do tend to ride pretty far forward

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Id guess a big factor, and the easiest to change, is how high your wing is in the water column. if you got used to a 75 and now you are on an 85 then you are probably still pumping with your board at the same height relative to the water, meaning there is that much extra mast in the water. That will make a noticeable drag difference for a couple reasons. 1st theres more mast in the water adding drag. Second, the foil itself is much more efficient closer to the surface because its not having to lift a larger column of water above the foil.


For what it’s worth pretty much all the time & distance flat water pump records have been done with the Axis 19mm aluminum mast. Even the one recently with the 180lb guy (I forget his name, sorry) who flat water pumped for 20:02 did that on the Axis 19mm aluminum mast. I believe Wake Thief did a great video comparing the pump of the axis 16mm vs 19mm and I 'm fairly certain the 19mm came out better or at least same in every category.

I don’t want to spread bad rumors, but I remember reading on another forum that the shape of the mast (specifically the location of the widest point) is critically important. Axis 19mm has a more optimal shape. I’m pretty sure I know the 19mm that you rode Erik and the rumor is that the width on that 19mm mast is too far forward making it have more drag.


Good point. The Cabrinha mast evolution is another one that got faster with the new section.

In 220 and am currently pump foiling on the 19mm 74 axis. I’m using the 1300 and 440 progressive. Using an Armstrong 4.0 board. I think it’s too heavy and too long ng.

The set up doesn’t turn great but it comes around. I tried the 84 and didn’t work as well to pump
Trying to get my glide down.
Here is that set up getting 14 wakes back behind an x24.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
This was pretty glassy conditions. I find with any wind of bumps in the water I have a hard time getting back further. .
14 wakes back