Dockstart - 75cm vs. 83cm mast?

How much more challenging would it be to learn to dockstart with additional mast length?

Specifically, I’m learning on a 75cm Axis alum. But may an opportunity to buy an 83cm carbon mast.

Longer stiffer mast would be great for wing and I know stiffness would help pumping but does the extra length make pumping harder if I’m leaving from a relatively low dock? Thx!

Once you’re up and pumping I think you’d be okay, but I find launching from a low dock harder than say, knee high docks, even with a 75cm mast. I guess it’s what you’re used to though and you’d probably adjust, but also it’s good to make it as easy as possible!

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Question is: how high can you jump? Wakethief recommended the 75 range. Sabfoil has 73

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There are different schools of thought for dock start mast size:

  • More mast = bigger stroke = more mast before touch down & more power out of stroke = better
  • Shorter mast = stiffer = better

Neither have seemed to help me yet. haha

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Maybe later on the longer mast helps

in the beginning, probably less is more as its easier to find your feet and get going


Thanks for all the intel here! I think best for me to stick with the 75 tho 83 would be carbon so stiffness shouldn’t be issue.