Traveling with lift foils

Any tips on airline travels with these cumbersome lift foils?

I like to use a golf bag, we travel with kites and use them as padding and just kind of Tetris everything in as tight as possible.

You can also cut the base plate off the mast with a hacksaw and solar-rez it back on when you get to your destination :wink:

And what about F-One and Cabrinha foils?
We don’t kite so no padding and bigger foils…

I used to travel with a Lift setup and I recall that the fuse was shorter than the width of my board. When I travelled I just laid the foil wing on top of the board (perpendicular to the correct orientation) with the fuse laying sideways on the board. The fuse didn’t stick off the edge of the board. Put the foil in the Lift zip case, put some additional padding between the board and the foil, and strap it together securely. I do the same when I travel with a Cabrinha foil that has a monoblock fuse.

The lift mast is trickier due to the integrated plate, but I would basically just strap it to the deck of my board, and tuck the baseplate into the tail-kick recess of my board.

I flew around with this setup numerous times and while I’ve encountered my fair share of travel-related board dings, I’ve never had issues with the foil.