Travelling with AFS fuselink Foils

I have just taken delivery of some AFS fuselink wings. These have the fuselage and front wing all in one solid piece, and so take up quite a bit more space.

Does anyone know of a decent foil bag that can fit these easily whilst protecting them as well as possible?


Been there! It’s the biggest downside to these foils that I have found (but a worthy trade off for a light and stiff system). I travel with the 1050 and 850. Can’t imagine traveling with the 1100.

I bought a ginormous bag on Amazon for $25 and they just barely fit. It’s not convenient and the bag is a POS. I looked everywhere and there aren’t many big enough. Here’s the bag (it technically works but it’s total crap)

I looked into crossbow bags, and they are slightly too small (but shape would be perfect).

After struggling with a board bag and a crappy Amazon bag, my new solution is to buy a bigger 30” wide Gong board bag that they can both fit into. By my measurement you need something with interior width dimension of ~28” for the 1050. I’ll report back when I have that bag.

Mine came in a T shaped cardboard box that maybe I should have kept for travel.

Benoit suggested using a bike bag, but traveling with a bike bag and board bag is a nonstarter for me.

Afs had told me they are developing a travel bag purpose built for this, which should be very handy. Hopefully room for other stuff in there so I don’t need to check a bag specifically for foils.

I know AFs is experimenting with a detachable fuse system but my understanding is that it’s a separate foil altogether and maybe not a high performance option like the silk or pure.

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thank you - awaiting AFS solutions then! I have the pure 1100 fuselink i guess that’s the stickler!

Let me know how the Gong bag holds up when you receive it.

many thanks again

Im curious about the 1100. Can you please measure the diagonal dimension of the foil? Lay the fuse and foil wingtip against the floor or wall and measure the width to the other what would clear the other wingtip? Basically how it would sit in a bag.

Please add any reviews of the 1100 when you have enough time on it. I’m considering getting one of those too.

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i managed to get the AFS foils from UK to Bali in a 5’4 version of this
Wing Travel Wagon – Dakine Wind. They just about fitted (inc the 1100 pure) but longer term i’d rather something better.

Will let you know how they go - first surf tomorrow on the Silk!

Have been considering the Silks so was looking for travel options. Saw this linked by someone and it looks like the 1050 would fit, but not sure about the 1100.

I found that one too and I think it would work but there was no way of getting it in the US. Tried several different distributors. Let me know if you find anything.

Subscribed! Had ruled out AFS due to failing to figure out a good travel solution. Right back to the top of the list if someone cracks it!

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Same. I frothed on the Silk650 for bigger tow in, but I would only use that foil when traveling.

I landed on the Sk8 650 instead and its only marginally easier to travel with.

El toro crossbow bag arrived just in time for a trip.

Silk 1050
Silk 850
Silk 650
80cm mast
Lift v2 150 front wing
6 stabs

All in individual covers too… problem solved thanks for the tip off!

The pure 1100 wouldn’t fit though - I may produce a custom bag here in bali based on this design.


Anyone want to send me one of these bags from Europe? I can’t get one in the US! Looks great.

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If going custom, is there any reason to keep the t shape vs make a more rectangular or triangular bag that has some room for clothes, wetsuits, wings, or whatever?

No reason not to - will come up with a design for that, let you know how it looks here.

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Creatures double body board bag works for all the Fuselink foils. The 1100 and 800 ha performer fuselage do not fit as they were slightly longer.

Room for wetsuits, mast accessories, a wing if folded flat.

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prob going to grab one of these from you. Can you get the mast in there too? Extra room for wetsuits, etc…?

The sh!t amazon bag I’ve been travelling with just met its maker after 3 trips and disintegrated. Cant really recommend it, although the good thing is that check in agents all thought it was a carseat bag (helps that I travel with kids) and checked it for free!

Yes room for masts and wetsuits

Does the bag count as regular luggage or a board bag?

It seams every airline and every ticket agent seam to have their own idea of what is “oversize”

Jetblue says a “skimboard” is a standard bag (subject to some dimension restrictions) and I assume thats what this would qualify as. For what its worth, the massive bag that I pack my AFS foils in has never been charged anything but a standard bag fee in 6 flights (and often free since the gate agents ask if its a baby car seat - which I often include in the bag anyways).

I’m not sure, I fly a lot and with frequent flyer/credit card none of the majors (delta, American, United) even charge for board bags just weight.
But it can’t fit a board so solid argument for not being labeled board bag. It’s also about as small as a rectangular bag could get that fits a pure 1100

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