Anyone still riding the Vortex 150?

I know most of you have moved on to the next new hotness, but I grabbed a Vortex 150 for a song, hoping to use it on bigger days where I can’t get my Vyper 170 to turn hard enough. Any tips on tuning this little guy for bigger surf?

still one of my fav foils to kite with in the surf , got the speed and handles just about anything

i dont however kite much so havnt used one for a while now, but would love to try it with a 13 shunt… dusts kite off

So I didn’t realize that the placement of fuse screw is different than on the Vyper. I don’t even know if you can get those old fuses anymore. If I buy a two bolt fuse, will it work on both the Vortex and the Vyper along with the new foils?

the screw placement is still the same , we have added another screw

the reason for this is we had too many complaints on how difficult it was to disassemble the fuselage from the wing, the only way to resolve this was to increase the tolerance and add another bolt to take up the slack

you can easily add the second hole to the older vyper and hypers, i can send you a jig you can have 3D printed to help drill the hole

But the placement for the vyper and the vortex isn’t the same though, right? I couldn’t get my vyper fuse to fit the vortex because the bolt doesn’t line up.

aaah yes sorry my bad , there is a chamfer that needs to be done on the onder wings with a file , this will allow the fuselage to go in deeper and then the bolt will fit

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Okay, I’ll see if I can figure it out.