Uni tail pack $150

$150 plus shipping on their site


If someone grabs the pack and would like to part a Shunt tail (new or used), I’d be interested in buying

Is this a stock clearance before the progression tail? I’m tempted to take a 14" pack at that price


Probably carbon versions of the G10 tails too, but for $150 I had to pull the trigger.

Hopefully this means theyre releasing full carbon versions of wings, these G10 wings feel pretty frail to me. I’m paranoid about them hitting the bottom. They don’t feel the same durability as the G10 surf fins I have touched and they look different from the older G10 wings from a year ago. Great price though.

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Maybe a dumb question, but do these fit Takuma Tbar mast/fuse? Looks like the have the same two screw setup. Can’t tell for sure though

The takuma 178 and 158 definitely fit on the uni mast from what I have heard


Yes, the Takuma tails fit the Uni fuse (same hole spacing & bottom mount).


What a deal. Another fit question. What is the hole spacing? Would this fit an Armstrong fuse?

Wont fit Armstrong, compared holes from uni tails and an armstrong and they arent the same

They are cheap. Ride them, reshape them and most importantly have fun with them!


hit the nail on the head

I just received my 14" uni tail pack. They did not come with any Shims and the only way I see we can buy them is in a toolkit that Unifoil sells. Like the toolkit but I already got tons of tools and don’t need another. Is there any recommendation for buying just the shims, even if they are 3rd party like foilparts.com or something similar. I have no idea what Shims I want so figured I would just try different settings and see how they feel.

Kdfoils.com sells them for $5


Thanks, ordered a few. Appreciate the tip!

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Anyone riding the shank?
As it’s symmetrical I’m guessing it would work on a top mount foil like my fanatic?
Just wondering if anyone using it as neatly all the uni riders I know use the shiv

I have done several sessions going through the set of g10 tail wings sequentially on both Hyper2 and Progression.

I find the Shank turns poorly and is relatively slow compared to the other tails, also very heavy rear foot pressure. Always remove it after a couple laps.

Shiv and Shunt are staples for me and I have good sessions with both regularly.

Might be fun to chop the shank down and see if it can be made useful

@Rad_Duke What conditions are you choosing to ride the Shiv and Shunt in? When would to choose one over the other? Just trying to understand thanks for sharing :call_me_hand:

Well I live in south-central Florida and this is our off-season for surf (haven’t proned in two weeks) but we get steady low teens wind every afternoon so I’ve been winging the Prog170 daily.

Proning I use the Shiv with no shim because it is extremely efficient and still turns well.

Winging I alternate between that (which is still great) and the shunt no shim because it gives nice front foot feedback during really tight turns, just feels fantastic.

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I have been loving the Shank while proning the vyper 170. There is something about the rear tail lift that makes the pop up easier.