Unifoil Bolts always seem to be loose after every session, no matter how hard I torque them down

I was thinking about trying some plumber’s/Teflon sealing tape.

Mine are TIGHT when I start – and when done I can back them out by hand.

Anyone else notice this?

I’ve never had this particular issue with any of my Uni gear (all the Prog wings, all the fuse lengths).

BUT what I did notice is that the bolts they provide are slightly too long for some of the holes they’ve tapped. Perhaps you’re JUST bottoming out the screws by a tiny bit which prevents them from staying tight?

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If they come loose, and then you retighten, so they stay tight the second time?

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If you’re talking about the mast to fuse. Isn’t that a pressure fit cavity? So you are tightening it on the beach, then you’re pumping and you’re shoving the fuse down even further, so now the bolt is a bit loose? Tightening them mid session in the water would probably keep them tight the rest of the session.


I found only the front bolt wing/fuse connection on my 170 came loose - never happened on the 140.

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I had the same issue on my progression mast, not the katana, and now get it on the no limitz v2. Tefgel didn’t change anything. I figured it was just the wing not being set perfectly and after a few glides/pumps it loosened up the connection. Now I’ve been putting my wing on, then tap with a rubber mallet, before placing bolts in and tightening. Seems to work. After a couple of sessions i don’t need to retighten at all.

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I noticed the same thing. Ended up having to cut one of the titanium bolts to get a snug fit for the second bolt attaching wing to fuse

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I’ve had some problem especially winging. It seems one bolt in particular and in front. Not sure of a solution

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Vaseline or some other grease on the connection surfaces, on the threads of the bolt, and on the countersink surfaces.
Hit it hard with a mallet. Tighten screws, then grab the wingtip and bend back and forth in roll and tighten bolts further. Repeat until the bolts don’t loosen up when using the mallet or bending the tips.
Shouldn’t have any problems with the bolts coming loose.

Same procedure is best for any tapered connection like a Tuttle or Armstrong/Gofoil front wing connections.


I second KDW. I tighten, use mallet, then tighten again. Solved the issue.

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check and make sure your tracks aren’t cracked.

Coming loose on the business end :slight_smile:

This helped - thank you!

I use a ratchet and go back and forth from front to rear bolt. Mallet can help too.


No need for a mallet. Just tighten bolts evenly, then while holding front wing push down with full body weight. Tighten front bolt. Then holding fuse just behind the mast, put full weight on that arm. Tighten rear bolt. Done.