Issues with Unifoil fuse to mast connection

Progression foils, multiple wings with:
2 different Axis mast adapters made by Unifoil, requires 5 layers of aluminum tape
Old Cedrus adapter, same
New version Cedrus adapter, fits perfectly, tight even before tightening the screws.

Now, this has nothing to do with Cedrus, it’s just that Unifoil changed their connection interface without documenting it in any way and they sell incompatible Axis mast adapters.

The aluminum tape trick doesn’t really work, even after using a thick one it just doesn’t hold, requiring constant renewing and makes each assembly difficult. Without it, it’s very loose. Even in one of their team rider videos you see aluminum tape on it.

Even after many emails they don’t see to identify any problem, saying it works for everyone. But it’s clearly incorrect because Cedrus identified a change and created a new version of the adapter to match it.

Anyone figured out a solution to this?

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I have the aluminum axis mast adapter from uni and it is a perfect fit for my progression 170.

I bought this one 4 weeks ago - completely incompatible and useless, never used it because the fit was so bad.

It was an old Axis alu 75cm mast, and a progression 140. I can’t remember what exactly was out, I think a gap between the bottom of the mast and the fuse.

Probably true that something has changed.

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I think I’m running into something here. I bought my Unifoil Progression 140 a while back, and then got a 125 and a friend got a 140 and 125 later on. It seems like the older Unifoil wings had a looser fit, or the bolt hole dremeling was different, and they changed it to make the new mast socket shape tighter or something. My Cedrus Evolution Unifoil adapter does not fit perfectly snug on my Progression 140 but seems to fit fine on the 3 newer wings and I am unsure if its due to the adapter shape or my older Progression 140 mast socket.

Here is a picture of what happens. I tighten the wing down fully, and it’s flat and nice. The second I catch a wave and the front wing has any sort of force, it tilts forward and results in a non flat angle in a nose down configuration which gives the same result as if you shimmed your board nose down. I’ve already tried shoving pieces of cut of aluminum into corners and various parts of the mast socket to compensate for this seemingly extra space in the connection but it still tilts forward to some degree.

@MediterraneanFoiler do you have information on what/how Cedrus had to update their adapter design? What exactly did Cedrus identify as different between the two? I’m trying to understand if my P140 is of an older mold Unifoil no longer uses or something, with more space in the mast socket.

Progression 140 5/2023
Progression 125 9/2023

It seems between these two months the socket may have changed

Just to be transparent, we got the CAD (computer aided design) file for all versions of our Unifoil adapter directly from Unifoil. Thanks to Unifoil for sharing. It’s a huge pain and very expensive to reverse engineer these fittings. As we’ve discussed many times on our blog and site, the variation in fit among a lot of these brands is due to manufacturing tolerances, factory, and design changes of the mating brands and NOT our adapter machining or design. I do not know what Unifoil changed. Maybe they changed their factory, or maybe they tried to tighten the fit. We’ve seen similar issues with Axis. Unfortunately the issues are the same whether you are riding a Cedrus or OEM mast, and the only solution is for tighter control of the tapered joint within the fuselage.


Yes and just to re-iterate I am not in anyway saying there is a Cedrus design flaw it seems much more likely on the foil manufacturer side to me. I now understand why brands (AFS, F One, Mikes Lab) do not use the tapered joint in socket design now.

Alright, this has been resolved.

The problem was that my Progression 140 has noticeably deeper dremeled out bolt holes than all of the newer Unifoil wings I tested. The M8 30MM screws that Unifoil uses with the Katana for this specific wing were too long and bottomed out the adapter just slightly before fully tightening down on the fuselage, allowing just a fraction of space to allow for rocking room. The Katana mast did not have this issue as its bolt holes are slightly deeper and still allowed for the bolts to screw down all the way.

I switched to use M8 25MM bolts, which I immediately felt tightened down deeper into the bolt holes, seating the adapter properly into the mast socket. And there is no rocking anymore.

Shout out to @ProjectCedrus for the idea to test


When i demoed katana mast, the fuse became loose. on a no limitz v1 mast with stringy adapter, no problems after multiple hours of winging on a larger h2 210 wing.