Unifoil Hyper2 versus Progression Reviews

Lots of questions about which to get.

I’ve had quite a bit of time on foil now on the Progression 170 (despite only getting it Friday afternoon) and extensive (>50) sessions on the Hyper2 170 both Katana 83 medium fuse G10 tailpack. Mostly strapless surf winging but some small wave proning as well. 170lbs advanced winger, Florida conditions.

Range: Hyper2 has higher top speed but higher stall speed. Progression has lower stall speed (lower takeoff speed) but is noticeably lower top speed. Hyper2 feels like less drag at high speed.

Turning: Progression is better but not by much. These are ultimately high aspect wings and both are far inferior to Takuma 980 by a large margin (did a back to back comparison).

Forward Pitching: Progression is better. I didn’t realize this until I started breaching on big turns on the progression because I was instinctively countering the forward pitching I was expecting. Hyper has good pitch control but Prog is better, very neutral.

Breech: Progression is better but not by much. Very easy to test winging and the prog is better but they both aren’t particularly great. Can get about 25% wing out before the risk rises with Prog, Hyper is maybe 15%.

Pump/Glide: Progression is better. Pump is good and glide is very very good, by far the best of any wing that isn’t a glider. Hyper is good but much less forgiving and higher speed all around.

Personal Summary: For prone foiling I think the Progression wins hands down, especially for slow crumbly foil-type waves and working around a foil playing field. For winging the Hyper probably takes the lead since it’s just so fast/smooth and only marginally different in other respects. The Hyper2 170 rides so small though a direct comparison to the Progression 140 may be better if anyone can do that.

Please post your reviews/comparisons as well if you have them since many people are interested in this topic.


Duke I agree with all of that comparing the P170 to H170, except that I don’t notice a difference on the top end. Maybe I haven’t gotten it up fast enough yet. IMHO the progressions are so well composed and glide so well that I’ll chose it over the Hyper2 for my next wing session. The Hyper2 is more lively, but the Progression is far more composed and predictable. Also, I cannot stall the P170, even if I basically stop moving I can pump out if I’m high on the mast. It’s insane. I’m about 75kg for reference.

I have the P140 as well, but have been loving the P170 so much I haven’t gotten it wet yet.


Been riding the H170 for a while, got a wing session on the P140 and the cruise speed felt slower than the H170. Felt like the glide was a touch better on the P140 even though its “smaller”. Really starting to notice the surface area doesn’t paint the whole picture. P140 is much more stable through ripping turns but the H170 accelerates through turns a lot better although this can cause forward pitching with the tail I like. Both are amazing foils and im super happy with my quiver choice at 72kgs. Katana mast.

For avg conditions im thinking H170 long fuse with Marlin 13" 1 degree shim for winging (tried and true), and 140 medium fuse 14 marlin negative 0 shim for prone (need more time to know for sure)

5/7- Update: The 140 needs a negative shim to feel rippable at my weight- still need to hone in on exact degree (so far -.5). This also solved the speed issue for me while winging. The extra glide and agility allowed me to learn tacks and backwinding in one session where I was struggling before on the H170. I am now starting to wonder if I need the H170. I think the 140 may be a quiver killer for east coast conditons

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