Progression 170 vs Lift 170

These foil specs are basically the same, but…do they behave the same in powerful surf (up to chest high) and do they have the same speed range, pump and carve/turning ability?

I’m still pretty new (~ 1 year) and don’t have that sensitivity to feel that others have, but I recently switched from the Lift 170 HA to the Progression 170. The main thing I noticed was a whopping 15-20% boost in my pumping.

I had a lift 170 w/ stock 25 tail for about a year. Imo, it always turned like a dog, but pump/glide was good and had no issue linking waves with it.
I had a session with a friend riding the 170 prog, about 10-15 on shore so not best for pumping out. I doubled my farthest ride distance of the day on the first wave with the prog 170. Turning is night and day better.


I too am considering switching from Lift to Uni. Currently have the 200ha, 170ha and 150haX. Keen to hear more about the comparisons to the Unifoil Progression series.

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The Lift 170 is an old foil and the Progression 170 is the newest foil. It’s an order of magnitude better in every way. No comparison.

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