What unifoil wing for Bay downwind conditions

What Unifoil wing for downwind in bay conditions? Fetch is relatively short so waves are slow moving and weak, so looking for a foil with a low stall speed. What unifoil wing? Considering the Hyper 250 or hyper 210, does the progression 170 have similar stall speed to the larger Hypers?

Hyper 250 or Progression 170 would be my uneducated guess.

It really depends on your weight and skills. I like the prog 170 for light dw bay run type but hyper2 210 and 250 are even easier.

Iā€™m 190lbs/86kg. Intermediate winger, beginner downwind foiler.
You prefer the progression 170 to hyper in bay conditions because better turning or speed range?

Definetly 250 for beginner or intermediate.

I like the Prog170 because of the glide.

Ok great 250 it is. Thanks for the advice :+1:

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