Vyper 130 or 150?

I’m currently prone foiling on the Progression 140 and 170. These wings have been a complete game changer for me and have taken me from a prone foiling complete beginner to a low level intermediate in a matter of months. I’m super stoked on these wings!

I’m a minimalist and I hate having a lot of gear so I’m interested in using Unifoil gear across the board for prone, kite foiling, and winging. Ideally I’d only like to have 3 foil wings for all 3 sports.

I’m currently kite foiling on mid aspect Cloud 9 F28 (961 sq-cm).

For my weight of 165 lbs (75 kg) I think the P170 is too big for kite foiling. The P140 is okay for kite foiling in the surf but the span is a bit wide and I’m constantly out running my kite on the wave since the P140 has so much glide.

For kite foiling and prone foiling on more powerful and bigger days when the P140 is too much would you recommend the 130 or 150 Vyper?

deffinatley not the 150 , you will be way over powered

at your weight i would highly recommend the 90 , but depends what riding style you after ( wind speed etc)
i used the 130 for kiting and its an absolute blast , but im 100kgs

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Thanks for the reply. For kite foiling I’m only interested in wave riding with the least amount of power possible in the kite. Typical winds are 13 to 17 knots.

My main kite is a 4m Flysurfer Peak and I’m only using the kite to get me into the wave and then back upwind to the peak.

Basically prone foiling and shore runners but using the kite to up my wave count and get into swell away from guys and girls surfing.

I mostly do shore runners when kiting. Then shoot straight back up wind and repeat. Currently I’m on the Vyper 150. The bumps are usually pretty small, more like a boat wake, with the occasional bigger swell mixed in. Although I’m pretty light at 150 lbs, it actually works really well. When going down wind i’m only using the kite to bump me back onto a swell. Mostly just keeping the kite in the air with no line tension at all. (foil Kites) Going back upwind at speed I was worried i’d be over powered, but not an issue. I also try to use the smallest kite I can. I think for the style of riding we are doing you can get away with a bigger foil. Want to feel and ride the waves, not “race” or kite with power. Since I already have the 150, adding the 90 makes more sense for me. If looking to kite with power. (I’m holding out for a smaller wing to see if something else comes out) I currently prone and foildrive on progression wings. So I’m also looking to keep everything to Uni.

The Cloud 9 your on is closer to the 150 (968 sq-cm) vs 130 (839 sq-cm). I would go by how that currently feels. If you are feeling the waves the way your are looking for currently, I’d go with the 150. If you feel overpowered, 130. I also have the Cloud F32, but have not used it in awhile. (kited a few times on it) I actually took some photos last night to put it up for sale. The Vypers are really fun to kite on. (Really surfing them) Will be an improvement on the Cloud 9 F series. IMHO.

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At your weight the 130 sounds like the best fit. You certainly don’t need bigger for wind speed. Plenty of wind. You haven’t mentioned wave height but it sounds like you want something that will glide and surf in medium and small surf as you drift the kite. Classic wave kite foiling. The 130 will give you that low end and still be plenty fast in juicier surf. Especially if you play with the shims.

I have an immaculate 130 vyper for sale in UK, can post, £500.


Thank you for all of the replies. I’m leaning towards the Vyper 130. I’ll mostly be using it for low powered kite foiling in short period wind swell from knee to chest high.

I’ll also give it a go for prone on powerful long period and lully days where it is unlikely to connect more than 2 or 3 waves.

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