Happy with my Progression 170 but what should I add to the quiver now?

Hey Guys,

I’ve been having a lot of fun learning to foil the past few months mostly in 1-3ft with my progression 170 wing which I’m sure has made it easier. The surfer inside me wants to continue to go out in waves with a bit more power 3-5ft East Australian swell.

At 70kg I’m now looking what wing I should add to my quiver that will handle those sized waves better than the p170.

Turnability and pumpability are obviously still factors but mostly what size is most suited to the swell without getting bucked off but also keeping in mind I’m still very much a beginner so can’t go too extreme.

I’ve shortlisted:
Progression 125, 140
Vyper 130, 150, 170

I know the Vypers turn better and the Progressions glide and pump better. I also know the progressions are meant to ride bigger than the number would suggest so I’ve confused myself on whether a vyper 170 overlaps with the p170 or whether it would ride smaller and handle the power better? I guess I’d also love to know where the p125 and p140 likely land on the vyper number scale?

I’m ok with ending up with a 2-3 wing quiver eventually but as always keeping things on budget and not overlapping or gapping too much would be great!

Hopefully makes sense :slight_smile:


I’m looking for similar thing as you I only have the P140 right now but want a smaller wing for more powered waves and wind. Unifoil doesn’t have many options for this yet. Considering that I don’t tow foil regularly I know my bigger wave riding will be in the surf and for that reason pumping ease to get back out is very important so I’m most likely going to get the P125 if the span is around 850 (not too narrow) instead of a Vyper 130/90 despite how close in size it is to P140. Since you have a 170 the 170/125 will give you a larger range so that will probably be better and thats probably what I’d do given the chance to re-do the quiver with all sizes being available at that point.

I believe Unifoil is also making a super high aspect wing called the “Ultra” but I have no clue on the timeline for release.

Also, if Unifoil had a Hyper2 130 or below I probably would have already bought it.

For what its worth, the H2 170 rides faster than the P140. Still pumps (but also feels smaller when pumping than the 140), and turns almost the same as the P140, or maybe slightly less loose.

I’d see if you can get on a 125…

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Really appreciate your opinions on this guys. I’ve had moments where I’ve wished I’d got the 140 instead of the 170 but to be fair the 170 has probably helped me learn quicker and will be good to keep for the real small days or if I get to downwinding.

I wasn’t sure if the 125-170 gap would be too big but could be my leading option now.

@Velocicraptor thanks mate I hadn’t looked much into the H2 tbh as I think I’d got my mindset into the “surfier” models but that’s good to know how it compares to the p140 proving the number doesn’t tell the whole story

@Erik done, I’ll DM you my address and you can send one of those over to me please :slight_smile: Are you able to add anything on size comparison between the 125/140/170 and the vyper range as far as wave size handling goes?

I’m definitely keeping an eye out on the 125 and tail wing releases, will be harder on the budget vs a 2nd hand vyper but I’d like the most rounded quiver for small cruisy days and days with a bit more kick


What is the timetable for the PP125 release? Also, will it be available in quantity upon release or will it be a pre-order and wait situation? I too am in need of a smaller than the PP140 foil for the waves I most regularly surf. If I cant get the PP125 in a reasonable amount of time, I am leaning towards the F-one options.

Yeah I’m sure its faster though the lift is the thing I’m unsure of for its smallest size at 150, I know someone getting a 150 soon so I will try that out though

My understanding, and always go to Uni for info, is that it will be available mid-August along with the 200 and in stock at that time. I know that most of the production is done as I have a box on the way now of a few coming this week. Just got some tails yesterday, but those might be later as the 125 and 200 are the priority.

For feels comparison… When we finished the 125 I was originally nervous it would overlap too much with the 140, its a faster, surfier version that pumps very good for its size. But after a few months of riding both it definitely has its own range. I tow the 125 all the time. Its stall speed is a bit higher than the 140, but once you have it in range it’s super easy to keep it there. I still prone the 140 more as I like the extra surface area and super low end in the pocket and until its chest high I can surf the 140 just as good. In bigger surf the 125 lights up and tops out a bit overhead. Ku is down winding the 125 but our conditions here for sup make it really hard. On good days it’s epic for runners as you’re getting the chip and working out. It feels the same as the other progressions but I move it back about 1/2 inch in the box. If you’re lighter, my son is 140 and he’s on the 125 80% of the time now, then the lower range of the 125 is better. I’m excited to see what the bigger progression tail does to the low end on the 125 but its flat so I’m just staring at all this beautiful gear… Actually doing a boat/ski day to day to test some stuff, but the real test will be in good surf. There will be demos at a bunch of shops so if you’re concerned about overlap try to test it first.


Thanks so much for the additional information. The PP125 seems like a great option for lighter and more advanced riders. Looking forward to the release of the additional sizes and tails! Hopefully by mid August, the flat spells will have ceased.

Amazing really appreciate the inside knowledge Erik. Maybe I’ll hold off looking at Vypers for a bit and save my money for a 125 to sit alongside my 170!


I winged the H2 150 yesterday for the first time, I don’t know if I buy that the H2 170 rides faster than the P140. 150 felt basically the same to me as P140 but with noticeably worse pumping and gliding. Putting my 140 back on today to compare again. But as far as I can tell the Progressions are just the newer, better wing overall. I’m also curious why they never made smaller H2s but are making smaller Progressions.

Agree that the h2 170 pumps worse than the P140 but it definitely feels faster to me. Higher top end and higher stall speed.

I tune them different. 0 shim for Prog and 1.5-2 degrees for the hyper.


@Erik Just put a deposit down for a Progression 125, hopefully it’s the magic I’m after!

It will sit alongside my Progression 170, Katana 83, Medium Fuse.

I’m holding out on the tail until there is more info released as I’m currently running a 13" 0 shim Shiv in smaller conditions and have just started using a 13" Shunt when it’s a bit bigger as I’ve been having issues with diving at speed

Epic!!! Let me know your thoughts when you get it. The carbon tails add a ton of efficiency and response. The carbon shiv is good if you want the same speeds as the g10 and the progression is faster.


Also getting a p125 to go with my p170!

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Would love a 125 for winter 200 for summer… Maybe sell the 140 and get both. Feels possible that 140 and 125 are too close?